So many good pictures on the web this week, i hardly feel bad that i still haven’t posted mine from like two weeks ago. But let’s just skip right over that, shall we? No sense in dwelling on the past, or the impossible.

I’d like to jump right in with some current events. Brian, Katie, Charla, Joseph and i were just talking at lunch today about my totally hot LED belt buckle that i never wear cause i have yet to find a belt that looks right with it (the right combination of urban hipster fashionista and punk rock geek, preferably in black leather) and that reminded me of this little diddy, the NES Controller belt buckle that i would totally love, but probably also wouldn’t wear, cause the less i attract eyes to the flab around my midsection, the better.

Sure, if you’re a twentysomething in the city, a flashy belt buckle will make all your friends think you’re cool, but how about a little something for the retired set, specifically the retired set that can afford to spend 300G’s on a pleasure craft? How do they impress their friends when wintering down in arizona? Why, by inviting guests up to the second floor of their motorhome, of course! Egads! Yes, that’s right folks, it’s fully equipped with a DVD home theatre, washer/dryer, two (count them! two!) air conditioners and a Caterpillar diesel engine pushing 860 ft/lbs of torque – hopefully that’s enough to move 41,000 lbs to a freeway speed. And in true James Bond fashion, the rooftop patio extends and retracts (sans the umbrellas, which must be – ugh – manually raised and lowered, something usually handled at home by the help) via fully automatic hydraulic actuators. Yes, it’s a softtop winnebago… except it’s the size of an aircraft carrier and built by Airstream. You know, if i was 60 and i could afford it, i would totally rock this baby all the way.

Oookay… enough of that consumerist madness. Let’s slow it down a bit, take a step back from the whizbang marketing, and pay attention to the people around us, here, right now. Let’s get a little artsy. I’m gonna go all Simon Hoegsberg on you… with a photo montage called The Thought Project. Basically, he walks up to people on the street and snaps their photo really-really close up, capturing their preoccupied, distant and/or detached expression with some interesting lighting effects and what is apparently a much nicer camera than any i have ever tactiley encountered. Then he jots down their answer to the question “what were you thinking just now, before i took your picture?” and attaches that to their image. I think most of them are in his home country of Denmark, and it must have been winter (or the lighting) because most of them look cold. Doesn’t make them any less cool to look at, but would explain some of the red noses.

As long as we’re venturing into foreign countries that may or may not be ridiculously cold at any given time of year, let’s talk about my favorite faraway freezerbox, Moscow. That most famous of soviet cities is apparently just packed to the gills with old junk waiting to be photographed, as evidenced by this latest gallery of nifty b/w images, appropriately posted at There’s a recurring theme here; most of the gallery sections have either “abandoned” or “unfinished” in the name, engendering a bleakness and economic collapse that i’m morbidly fascinated with as a (admittedly lackluster) photographer. I could look at these all day. If fact, that’s pretty much what i do, when i’m not playing Hamlet, the game or polaroidonizing photos for youz guyz.

To wrap things up, let’s turn the microscope back on ourselves and check out some melancholic images of an America turned upside down by WWII, posted by all 280 million of us via our taxdollars at the American Memory gallery. The great images are saddled with a particularly ungainly interface that is difficult to read contrast-wise and sends you thru way too many clicks to find the full size images. If you’re using Firefox like a good American (remember, only communists use IE!) and you’ve installed Greasemonkey like Uncle Sam told you to, then you can use this clever script to update the American Memory site to 2005 standards, whilst leaving the photo trip down memory lane (or, at least, dad’s or grampa’s memory lane) intact. And what could be more American than that?