world trade center

With vanilla cool whip on top

Ordered a new clutch today, and some clutch parts (stainless steel clutch lines, an upgraded clutch pivot ball) and an email confirmed that my $1000 worth of gaskets, washers, pumps and hoses shipped from courtesy nissan. Other than some tools, a trip out for a small assortment of scary chemicals, and the turbos, my repair job is ramping up… just in time for me to leave town in two days. Sigh… hopefully i can regain the momentum when i get back. The iPod’s been working really hard pumping Christmas tunes all day, enhancing my calm and force-feeding me holiday cheer. Eating half a pumpkin pie with that new vanilla cool whip also helped. 😉

Chatted with Skyla tonite, she’ll be home in MT the same day i arrive, so we can meet for coffee in town – you know, something we don’t get to do here. 😉 Too bad i just missed Jana – she’s returning to Seattle today after two weeks in our wintery high school haunts. Due to transportation issues on my part, they’ll be getting their Christmas presents on new years… thanx for being so understanding, ladies! 🙂

Big big big news of the day, tho, is that Christian told me today what my birthday present’s going to be…

           … ready?

He’s moving back to Seattle in april – just in time to help me turn, uh… old. 😉 But regardless of my senior citizen status… How cool is that? I’m so excited… i paced around the house in a feverish celebratory train of thought for quite a bit after we hung up today. I think i’m actually more jacked up about him moving here than i was about visiting him in europe (if that’s possible) because i know it will be for longer than three weeks! What do you think, Christian? 6? should i venture 12? ha ha…. j/k! Anyway, i’m a big freak. But i’m thrilled he’s coming back – looks like all my efforts trash-talking denver paid off and Seattle won out! So this stupid winter thing can be over any time now… i’m ready for spring!!! Is it april yet? Happy birthday to me! 😀

They’ve announced the design for the Freedom Tower, the structure that will replace the WTC. I’m happy to report that it will still be as tall, and will still host an observation deck and restaurant at the top, the way a skyscraper should. Excellent!

An appropriate day to be charitable

Observing a day of silence in remembrance of the victims and heroes of 09.11.2001

The Card of Hope

Over 26,000 people have signed to show their support and to express their hope for a better future.

If we give up our precious freedom, the terrorists have won. Support free speech and resist overzealouse censorship: join the Electronic Freedom Foundation today.

Founded by firefighters from Washington State, they rely on donations to assist the families of our nation’s fallen heroes.

Connect with the philanthropic organizations most in need of your help.

Monitor the plans and progess on a structure to both honor the tragedy and rebuild lower Manhattan.