Easter and UPS Tracking Numbers

I’m coming to you on this rainy tuesday from the breakfast table, racing against time to type something interesting and still eat my bowl of special K before it gets too soggy. According to ups tracking, my neato new phone is supposed to arrive today. I really just want to sit at home and play ssx tricky until it shows up, but i’ll probably go to work… ugh. I need to go visit the offices in burien (south seattle) this week, but i hate going down there almost as much as i hate driving to kent – it’s just a sucky drive, and when i get there nothing works like it’s supposed to. Plus i always seem to get in car accidents in that part of town. Well, ok, it only happened once, but i’m entirely creeped out down there now about it.

Mom, Dad and Danielle will be here thursday afternoon for a long weekend. It’ll be cool to have them here, hopefully the weather will be as nice as it was last weekend and we’ll be able to hit a bunch of the fun stuff. I already have tickets for a Mariners game saturday nite – my birthday present to myself. I still have two more nites to finish cleaning the house…

Haven’t been getting much done on the cleaning front so far cause i haven’t been home an evening since, like, march. Went to Dave’s last nite to help Matt finish up Ian’s transmission. At least, that was the plan, until we figured out a banjo bolt that connects the clutch master cylinder was missing. It’s a special order part, won’t be in for a few days, and none of the local places had anything similar enough. So it’s mostly put back together, other than the master cylinder (obviously) and a few under-hood parts (battery, supercharger piping) that would be in the way. But the pedals are all there, the tranny is in, and it shifts – although third is a little sketchy. I think it’s just stuck, nothing a running engine and moving car won’t fix. Fourth works just fine, and it’s on the same actuator. I keep telling Ian that, but he’s worried that it’s not going to work once we get it all together. In that case, i think Matt’s and my advice would be ‘take it to a transmission shop!’

Sunday was a lovely Easter lunch/dinner feast with Adam, Lindsey, Mike and Donna. My contribution was two bottles of wine, both with a story: a bottle of Rosemount shiraz that Tim and Carol introduced me to, and a Due Uve – an italian white – that my wine expert Michelle McL recommended. Both were great, i drank quite a bit of both of them…. 😉 I was up early that morning for Easter mass at a very beautiful cathedral that is only two blocks from my house – ‘so those are the church bells that keep waking me up!’ – and had breakfast with Josh downtown at the Cyclops. It was a beautiful, sunny, excellent Easter sunday!

Wednesday nite Josh, Kim and myself are headed to an animated film festival in the U district that’s supposed to be killer-funny. So that pretty much leaves tonite for me to finish my laundry and clean the house… but why do i suspect i’m going to spend all nite playing with the new phone…?

I’d get a fancy apron and everything…

In the words of the Bangles, it’s just another manic monday. Plugging away at work today, a surprisingly un-busy day considering it’s coming off a long weekend. I guess everyone else is still on vacation… Very busy weekend at home, tho, with BJ here visiting – come back anytime, buddy! Amidst our adventures this weekend we discovered that the Columbia winery, across from the previously-mentioned Chateau Ste Michelle (for those of you following along) offers a much more intimate tour and sampling experience than its neighbour despite their larger production. Most impressed, will definitely be back. Actually, i think i’d like to work there in the evenings.

Danielle and i also enjoyed visiting with our super-fun uncle and aunt, Tim & Carol, over a few pizzas last night at their place and complimenting cousin David on his sweet new car. It was a great excuse to see them, as they’d brought Mom back from the Fourth of July family shindig to spend a week with us! So Mom, Danielle and i are staying in my little one-bedroom apartment this week and i expect we’ll have a far out, groovy time together! 😉

A great half-a-Saturday

Yesterday was a totally great day – well, at least the part after 2pm. Since i was sentenced with saturday duty, i was up early. but the day went uphill from there. I met Christian, Joe, Steph, Carrie and Poppy for a trip to the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery – a nice little tour, some free sampling, and then we picked up cheese, chocolate and (of course!) wine for a picnic on the estate lawn. Most excellent. From there it was across the street to the Red Hook brewery for a pint and a cheeseburger, then up the street to DQ for dessert. So pretty much a day of monstrously indulgent dining pleasure, and an overall experience that i highly recommend.

Having lunch with Lindsay and Adam today – haven’t seen them in a while – actually, i haven’t seen Adam since the superbowl – so that will be good. Right now, Christian and i are watching taped TV from last week and lamenting the dreary weather and the lack of new Leap of Faith episodes.