Week on Maui – October 2009

I returned home last night from an amazing week in Hawaii, soaking up the tropical sun, sipping drinks around the pool with friends, and celebrating a very special wedding with John and Heidi. Danielle and I did more exploring than on previous trips to the islands, venturing out to Kula to tour a botanical garden, and tagging along with Bill, Jenn and Kristen for a day’s drive along the road to Hana. It was a relaxing escape from regular life and I was so tempted just to stay there forever, but if I’m going to move to Maui I think I’d at least want to come home first, pack my computer and my SLR camera, and ship down my motorcycle. 🙂

Gallery slideshow here.

Sweeney wedding photos

I finally finished all the photos from Ian and Jenn’s wedding in march… ugh, i know, i’m a total slacker. Anyway, go check them out. There’s some random photos of downtown Phoenix, a few shots of Seattle out the window of the plane, lots of me goofing off with my friends, and even some nice pix of the happy couple! Congrats again, you two, and thanx for having me!

Weddings, Moving and Engine Break-ins

948 miles logged on the Z so far – almost there! Not really sure what “extra” i’m going to do when it hits 1000 miles, other than change the oil again. Maybe start worrying a little less, i guess, altho i’m still wondering about a few squeaks and rattles, a strange clicky noise, and parking it outside in the street.

I’ve been MIA all week for many reasons. Last few days in phoenix were too busy for computer time. Wedding was very nice – pleasant, elegant and simple, obviously Jenn’s doing. Ian succeeded in smiling thru the entire evening from inside his vest and cummerbund. The sun shone warmly but not so much that anyone was prone to fainting, and the champagne flowed freely. The happy couple departed, and as the night was still young, we piled a couple cars full of merry attendees and sought out weekend entertainment in downtown phoenix. After wandering haphazardly from block to block, somehow we found ourselves around a large table at Hooters in an outdoor mall, scarfing hot wings served by seemingly-underage waitresses. Heated political discussions notwithstanding, a good time was had by all. And big congrats to our Hero and Heroine – can i say “i can’t believe you’re married!” and at the same time offer “i’m not at all surprised.”

The rest of the trip was about three things: sunshine, pool time, and food. Anna, Kim, Dave, Sophia and I repeatedly sampled what the Valley of the Sun had to offer, and all-too-quickly i was on my way home.

Waiting in Seattle when i returned, Mom and Danielle had found Danielle a great studio apartment in Ravenna (near Green Lake) and we spent the rest of the week packing, moving, shopping, assembling, decorating, and ordering in. Steph was a huge saint and chipped in on the moving part cause she’s so nice. Some small logistical snafus, but nothing compared to the horror-move i put Danielle thru two summers ago – i’m convinced i still owe her some moving payback.

Mom is flying home tmrw, Danielle’s getting settled quickly in her new place, Dad’s not going to believe how much money Mom spent while she was here (sorry Dad, we tried!) including picking up a pair of red Diesel shoes since she liked mine so much. Hers are much more cute and girly than mine, tho…

It’s another beautiful sunny day in Seattle, spring is here and i’m very happy about that. Many days to drive with the tops off, making up for all those winter days without sun, t-tops, or driving. And that, my friends, is what i’m going to go do right now… 😀

Me, I’m married to a socket wrench.

A big happy birthday to my favorite sassy redhead, Hillary! Sorry about the chocolate, kid; next time i’ll find something that’s more “you.” 🙂

Today is “free first thursday” at the SAM so i’m taking advantage and meeting Julia, Steph and a few other friends down there after work tonite. I’m all about appreciating creativity and being inspired by works of art when it doesn’t cost me anything… 😉

Heard from Haley J today, her new little girl is healthy and happy and Haley is happily resigning from her job adjusting insurance claims to spend time at home with Joy Lindsay. She’s going to be a great mom! Congrats to Haley and her husband on starting their new family!

Speaking of starting families, it seems everyone i know is doing just that. Steph says i’ve hit “that age” where all your friends get married and stop hanging out with you and all their other single friends.

  • Tim E told me he’s engaged – big congrats to him! He sounds quite happy and hopefully will move a little closer to me so i can see him more. Looking forward to a nice party in Kalispell this summer for his wedding.
  • Going around the room… Dave A is soon to be hitched, as well – best wishes, buddy! Again, a good friend who seems to have found someone that makes him happy – so i’m happy for him! (And maybe a little bit jealous).
  • Ian and Jenn’s wedding is coming up in just a little over a month (might wanna get those invites out, kids! 😉 Looking forward to a nice weekend getting a tan in Phoenix for that one.
  • Cory R – i wondered what this guy had been up to! – is scheduled to begin wedded bliss this July, as well. Congrats, Cory!

Have a few other friends with big plans in this area but i’ve been sworn to secrecy until they have a chance to propose… but seriously, they’re all around me, and i’m sooo not even close!

Hopefully this weekend the guys and I will be pulling the old motor out of the Z, so if anyone wants to come be an extra pair of hands, we could sure use the help! And i should have some dramatic pix for ya next week… 😉

Uh, no particular topic

What’s the deal with time moving so fast, anyway? The last two weeks have felt like a whirlwind…

Trip to MT was great, it was awesome to see Mom and Dad and see how their new house is coming along. It’s going to be really cool (pix coming!), even despite the washboard roads and early-morning livestock fiascos. Tonya and Jared’s wedding was a great chance to see them, and catch up with a few others. A sunny, amazing weekend to travel, too. Lance, Matt and I caught the new Charlie’s Angels movie back in missoula sunday, which is great, and joined Grama and Grampa, Grama Frances, Aunt Judy & Uncle Gordy, Jennifer & Anthony, Taylor, Zachary, and Mom & Dad for McKenzie River pizza at Rowdy’s Cabin. Overall, a great vacation, although i did come back somewhat less than rested. 😉

Christian finally got his phone fixed just before i left, so feeling a little less disconnected there. I called him at sunday brunch and passed the phone so he could congratulate Tonya, too – ironically, he was at a wedding reception at the time. He’s hoping to run the Florence marathon in october (yes, in Florence, Italy!) and i’m going to try and cross-schedule my trip to be there waiting at the finish line! I have the money all saved up, gonna start shopping for plane tickets pretty soon. So exciting!

Gabe returned to Seattle from air force tech school on friday, so since i’ve been home monday we’ve been hanging out nonstop. Helped him pick up his Honda streetbike (pix coming!) from the repair shop, and now that the frame is straight we’re both seeing the potential to make it really cool, and are really excited to start working on it. He’s gonna be stationed at McChord AFB in tacoma, so he’ll be around awhile – we’re gonna do all sorts of stuff. 😉 We also rolled thru Sturtevant’s, an awesome ski shop (staffed with cool, friendly people despite being on the eastside) and a found a sweet DNA ski jacket for half off – part of my watch-for-good-deals-on-gear-so-i’m-outfitted-by-next-season plan. Sweet!

Found a bunch more cool anime movies and some japanese musicians that are really cool – added a few of them to my Amazon wishlist. Feel free to buy me something. 😉 I ordered Akira on DVD and it arrived just before i left, so i haven’t watched it yet. I’m excited, tho – it’s one of the cornerstones of modern japanese animation, and digitally remastered in DTS it’s supposed to be really impressive.

Headed to Woodburn, OR (near Portland) with the NWNismo crew tomorrow morning, for a track day and some vacation time. Hopefully, i’ll be able to scam a ride down there in somebody’s Z32 (Clint? Christi? Hint hint!) but as long as i make it down there, i expect i’ll have a good time. Patrick is rolling down to Cali tomorrow morning, too, so we might caravan with him as far as Portland. He’s gonna be gone until sept 21st – it’s gonna be lonely around here for the summer! And he’s gonna miss out on some serious boat time… 😉 That’s today’s plan, btw. I still need to do some laundry and pack tonite, but hopefully i’ll be done with work a bit early, to meet Kim at home and head for Lake Union and some watery summer fun! If ya wanna go, gimme a call… 😀

What’s on the menu

Geez, thot i was gonna let it go a week there, didn’t ya? Well, not quite anyway. It’s been pretty busy lately, so busy i’m going to have to reduce it to bullet-points. Also, it’s really hot in the office today (well, like every day, since the AC sucks) and i don’t have the mental focus to type a whole bunch of long sentences.

Steph bought a great new house in Woodinville, Libby and i helped her move in friday. It’s a great place, and her new king size bed and neptune w/d are super sweet, too. Housewarming party coming up soon, if you wanna get an evite, email me. Big congrats to Steph on a great find, a big step, and the end to a huge, arduous adventure! 😀

Danielle moved to seattle, she has a room in a great house in Green Lake area that Colleen hooked her up with, with some fun med student girls (well, Kat’s not a med student, but, whatever). Mom and Dad will be out in a couple weeks with the rest of her stuff (including Ferris the Kitten of Terror) and hopefully she’ll have a job this week, on a great referral from Mrs. Benjamin. Welcome to the west-siiiide, Danielle! 😉

Helped Patrick move out of his apt and into his parents’ basement on tuesday, then he leaves for LA on july 5th. Gonna be weird not having him around all summer! That’s kinda gonna suck… but i’m sure he’ll have fun in cali, and september isnt’ that far away…

Gabe returns to seattle on friday, for duty at McChord AFB! His training and tech school are finally over, and he got the station he wanted, so he’ll be back in town and we can live it up! It’s gonna be sweet! Now, nobody tell him my sister is single, mkay? 😉

Received a random phone message from Merris T, haven’t heard from her in forever! I called her back today but got her vm, gonna try again over the weekend when we can maybe both talk a bit. I hope she’s doing great, and it was sure a pleasant surprise that she called!

Max is being a PITA, tranny is slipping off the line, and having trouble dropping into overdrive. Dad thinks i may have bad clutches, Jeff said the same thing. Travis is gonna check it out today for me (regaining his ‘rocks’ status) and hopefully it’s just a fluid thing, and nothing mechanical, as the ATF does smell a little burnt. I did finally change my spark plugs last week, so i feel better about that, altho i did manage to break off one of the bolts on the right rear coil in the process (oops!) as it was really difficult to reach. Suck. Anyway, everyone on the boards keeps saying now’s the time for a 5spd swap, so i’m keeping that in the back of my mind. Ian very generously offered to let me drive his car during the week (incredible guy that he is) and Steph has many times extended the gracious offer of her garage. We’ll see, i’d love a 5spd and it would probably last a lot longer than another slushbox anyway, for about the same price. Hmm… things to think about.

Tonite Josh, Kim, Erika, Steph and i are headed to Luigi’s Grotto down in pioneer square for an authentic italian cooking class hosted by Luigi himself. I’ve been to one once before, it was superb, so we’re all really excited about this. I’ll relay the menu, it’s sure to be impressive!

As if this week wasn’t busy enough, friday Matt and i are driving to missoula, and then saturday it’s up to flathead for Tonya and Jared’s wedding. We’ll be coming back to seattle monday. I haven’t even thought about packing or anything, i’m too stressed with the things that have to get done before i leave! Augh! I think it will be a nice vacation, provided i don’t have to tow the Max home. Hopefully just the nice part will come true, and not that second part…

Gotta go now, gotta go meet Travis. Wish me luck!

SIFF 2003

Congratulations Erika and Michael! My friend – and college lab partner – Erika Abrahamsen is getting married in july, i wish them all the best! You can check out their wedding info here. Erika’s always been a great girl, and i wish the two of them all the best!

For all you cultured types out there, the nation’s largest independent film festival starts the 22nd, right here in Seattle. Check out for the viewing schedules. Personally, i’m trying to catch the south korean entry Bad Guy and the dutch musical Yes Nurse, No Nurse. See you at the movies… 😉