Skagit Valley Tulip Festival "“ April 2011

Cara’s Mom and Grama spent Easter weekend in Seattle, and part of their whirlwind tour was a morning in the tulip fields with Josh, Cara and I. It was an incredible sunny day (one of the few we’ve had this spring) and the five of us talked and laughed and enjoyed the rural Skagit Valley scenery together before settling down for a country breakfast at The Farmhouse.

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Chuckanut Drive – July 2010

One of the local Honda S2000 groups put together a casual drive around the Chuckanut Highway loop, and Christie and I tagged along. It was a great day for a drive and the group was very cool, sticking around for burgers and beer afterward. If we had known the Chuckanut oyster festival was this weekend I guess we could have planned to do that for lunch – maybe next year if we make a habit of it. I tried out my new GoPro camera on the trip, stuck to my fender with its suction cup, but I still have some experimenting to do to find the right settings and mount point. I’m going to take a solo drive so I can play with it more, but here’s one slice of the footage that I kind of liked, entirely unedited:

And here’s the gallery of the photos I shot at one of our stopping points:

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Mount Baker Drive – July 2010

I stumbled across a group in Bellingham who were setting up a Mount Baker cruise across several different forums, and the resulting crowd was pretty diverse – Infiniti, Mazda, Honda, Subaru, even an Ariel Atom. I met some cool new drivers, blew some winter dust out of my car, thoroughly enjoyed myself, and came home with a some nice pictures. I took a few glamour shots of my Z on the drive, too, but this gallery is the shots of the group.

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Independence Day – July 2009

In celebration of a Declaration written on parchment 233 years ago, Americans lit millions of dollars worth of gunpowder-packed paper Saturday night and launched it into the sky. I spent that day on Seattle’s various lakes, wakeboarding with Sean, Julia and Austin on Lake Sammamish in the morning, and then jumping aboard S&J’s boat again – along with Andy and Hailey – for a cruise across Lake Washington, dinner on Lake Union and an amazing fireworks show (thank you Chase bank – welcome to Washington, indeed). It was an excellent day, a textbook-perfect summer saturday that could have lasted forever.

Click here for my photos of the evening:

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival – May 2009

It’s starting to seem a little like spring around here, but if it still feels like winter where you’re at maybe a zillion blooming tulips will convince you otherwise. Mom, Dad, Danielle and I toured the Skagit Valley tulip fields when Mom and Dad were in town last. It was pretty amazing (and thanks to Claritin, enjoyable). Check out my pictures for yourself, below. The closeups are my favorites but I left a lot of the wide shots in just to capture how many zillions of tulips there really are out there.

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tulip closeup