Lance is shopping for bikes on the Victory website (check out the 8-Ball, we both agree it’s the bike to get) and i’m checking ad replication on a server in Dallas. Another morning at work. 🙂

I still haven’t found the hardware i need to mount that nifty S2000 antenna. Danielle and i hit up Ace Hardware but they don’t carry a lot of metric stuff. Might get it done by sunday for the charity show in Issaquah, but prob not. Might have to go with the yellow pvc tape covering the hole in the fender where my antenna should be. Classy, eh?

Feeling much more like the Seattle tech nerd i figured i’d be a lot sooner than now. Rockin to the iPod on the bus every morning. Big office full of screens and wires and fellow nerdy types. Even Charla at the front desk is playing Peasantquest on and we have good discussions about the RIAA and intellectual property. And then i picked up my token yesterday so i can log in from home. So freakin high tech. Not only is it a secure VPN with a quadruple set of passwords, but i carry this gizmo around with a passcode number based on an algorithm synchronized with the central server that updates every minute. Too crazy. Hope i don’t lose it. 😉