Telegrams, carrier pigeon and smoke signals are OK too.

Gabe called me this morning while i was in the shower. Obviously, i didn’t answer the phone… but i did call him back. He was supposed to ship out to texas or somewhere with the Air Force today, but he’s been bumped back a week. So i guess that’s another week of me not getting any sleep. 🙂 It may turn out to be more than a week, in which case i’ll enlist him for another civic duty… helping me move! I’m hoping to get a key on the 23rd (which reminds me, i should call the new roomies – Josh and Kim – and make sure that’s okay) and i don’t plan on giving any more money to the dilapidated chaos that is my apartment building. I’m moving to a great house that’s only about a mile away, closer to the downtown-y part of West Seattle (the Junction district). The only thing the new place doesn’t have is a garage, but i don’t have that now, so no biggie. Oh, and i guess it doesn’t have a dishwasher. But i’ll happily trade that in for the washer and dryer in the basement. No more quarters – yeess! I’m excited to move, Josh and Kim are very cool, and my bedroom’s on the ground floor, so i don’t have to carry anything up any stairs! [sigh of relief]

For those of you that actually have my landline number, might as well throw it away, as i’m likely dropping it. I’ll get an email out to everyone with the new addy this week, or just drop me a line and i’ll send it to you (if, perchance, you want to send me a housewarming gift or something…). I actually got my cell working again yesterday, thanks to a great deal on ebay. So my phone broke last week, totally dead, couldn’t even get it to pick up a signal. And no, it wasn’t something i did! [scowl] Verizon wanted 20 bucks for a new one if i signed a 2 year contract, or 50 bucks with a 1 year extension. Well i found the same phone (just as new) on ebay for 52 (shipped) with no contract extension. And then on the phone with them switching the ESNs, they tried to get me to take an unlimted text messaging plan that would have extended my contract a year. Um, how about NO. Yeah, so i digress. But it works again, so call me there. Or email me from here. Or whatever. Just try not to be so uncommunicative, m-kay? Slackers…

You can expect a text message from me… now.

Okay, it’s Friday again. Another week gone by. I don’t have nearly as much energy to burn this week. I’m doing fine, life is good, job is ‘eh’. Putting Josh on a plane tomorrow for his two-week trip to Chicago. Also, the cable modem tech from at&t should stop by this weekend and make that stupid thing finally work. Oh, and Verizon fixed my cell phone (actually, they gave me a new one) so I can send text messages back to you now. It’s pretty neato – I’m already driving most of my local friends crazy with it. Other than that, not much in the way of news… at least, that I can tell you about here 😉 But I promise that as soon as the lottery announces the winners, the book deal goes through, I join the Evil Empire, or I get selected for the Real World, I’ll let you all know first.

Must-see TV premieres!

Must-see TV premieres! Oooh! I can’t talk, it’s almost 8!

I stole this next bit from the “site news” section, since I know nobody reads that…

It is now possible to send an instant message to my cell phone (limited to 107 characters by the hardware) from the “contact” page. I can’t send one back to you yet, until Verizon gets the flash update kit for my phone distributed to their Seattle reps. But I can call you back, or at least have a good chuckle in response to your scathing wit.

A note: I made it very easy to turn off in case it gets abused… I mean you, Tyson!