Well, where have I been? Helped Annie move into her new apartment monday – it’s a great place, will be a great situation for her. Helped her buy a new car last week, too – a really sweet Jetta! I think she would be having a really great week, if her apartment building hadn’t been without electricity since sometime yesterday… augh! Also this week, Robin and i made experimental lasagna which came out surprisingly good. Lindsay and Adam came over for lunch and took me to Uwajimaya – a huge, cool asian grocery store in the international district. I’ve got a freezer full of mochi now (rice patty ice cream ball things that are super-good). Oh, and i don’t know if you’ve all heard of pocky, it’s a japanese dessert, kind of a candy-dipped cookie. Lambert, you should know what these are – you brought us back some from japan. So they come in several varieties, the most popular being chocolate. So anyway, i’m digging around on the shelf, trying to decide which kind i wanted, and found: “men’s pocky”. I have no idea. The ingredients are exactly the same as chocolate pocky. The description of the candy and the pictures are the same. It just comes in a dark green box, and says “men’s” in the corner. And it’s not like the regular pocky was particularly feminine. It’s a red box, with black letters. There’s no girlie stuff or hello kitty on it or anything. So why did their marketing peeps feel men would respond better to their own, green-boxed version? No idea. And i should get back to work now… 🙂