Well kids, it’s the 27th. I turn 26 tomorrow, but as i won’t be at work (taking day off to sleep in – birthday gift to self) with all this free time to kill i might not have any good links for you or anything, so thought i should share some good ones today. Also, just wanted to brag that it was 80 degrees in Seattle yesterday, and my early-season tan is progressing well – the t-tops provide a much more even side-to-side tan than a sunroof.

Okay, so i have some amusing and creepy photos for you of Micheal Jackson and the various stages of his face (if that’s what it can still be called) in the last 20 years. Complete with witty commentary by Rahni. Follow the links for the ratification / debunking / beleaguering of many of your favorite urban legends / tabloid fodder / celebrity scandal, including mad cow disease, how to spot a psycho killer and who really killed Kurt Cobain. I’m not saying i agree with everything on this site – in fact, the site author is a little bit creepy and any link that looks creepy probably is, so beware – but it’s pretty funny looking at jacko’s screwed up face, regardless. 😉