urban decay

Old Broken Stuff is Neato

I think i love a city because anything that large and complex that is run by a committee inevitably allows things to fall thru the cracks, and while i don’t enjoy falling thru the cracks at certain times (company payroll, for example – which seems to happen all too often to me) i am fascinated by the phenomena as it occurs around me. Abandoned buildings or empty lots that sit idle next to bustling growth and development, little scraps of history that remain for future generations to ponder only because no one took the time to clean them up, or no one even realizes they exist.

So when Charles, Carrie and Steven from Stay Free! Daily decided to take a walk down Manhattan’s High Line and fill up a Flickr gallery with shots of abandoned warehouses, overgrown railroad tracks, and general urban decay, i was all over it. I even threw together a Google Earth set that links their photos (at least, as many as i could figure out) to their approximate location along the journey.

Drenched even deeper in history than NYC (as if!), i also stumbled upon Hidden Glasgow and their collection of off-the-beaten-path city moments. Also very enjoyable, although i think i would have a much more difficult time linking those to lat/long coordinates. 😉

Maybe one of these days i’ll get a nice camera and try this myself, trekking all over Seattle looking for rusty, broken, forgotten bits of west coast history. …. Or maybe i’ll just stick to taking pictures of cars. 😉