You know, it’s really only fun to shop for cool toys if you actually get to have the toys at the end. When you send people money and they send you… nothing. That’s not as fun. 🙁

Motor didn’t show up again Friday. I should think i’d begin to expect as much. Supposed to arrive, i called to confirm, verified my address and phone number, blah blah. Called halfway thru delivery window when no truck had appeared, your motor is on the truck, confirmed my address and phone number, blah blah. Called after shipment window was over, truck driver couldn’t find the house, he drove around for two hours, blah blah. Why didn’t he call me? He didn’t have my number. There’s no phone number on this file anywhere. Will attempt redelivery on monday at the same time.

Well, screw this noise, says me. I’ve already wasted 3 afternoons sitting around waiting for this motor. So i cancelled the shipment. Going to rent a truck and go pick it up at the terminal in Auburn myself. Hopefully the shipper will refund the extra 150 dollar residential and liftgate charges. Even if not, tho, and even with the cost of a truck and the hassle, it’s still less of a pain then trying to get the ridiculous GI Trucking to do their only job and – perish the thought – truck something somewhere.

And if you think UPS has actually just left the stupid turbo exhaust pipes on my doorstep after redelivering them three times, well… you don’t know UPS very well. They can’t seem to come in the evening when i’m home, even if i call and schedule the redelivery for that time. The day i’m home from work at noon so they could deliver between noon and 3 – as scheduled – they come by at 10am. And apparently even if i sign the release slip, an affidavit, right and title to my life insurance policy and autograph the buttocks of the queen herself, they’ll still refuse to leave it on the freakin doorstep.

The $986 for my order went from an authorization to a charge on friday. So i guess that means it finally shipped, only 19 days after i placed the order. Sure hope they didn’t use UPS.

Rented a car this weekend so i could drive all the way to Harbor Freight in Everett, only to find out that the couple of large tools i went there to get (ie: engine stand) are items they only carry in the catalog or on the internet, but don’t keep in the store. So it turns out i drove all the way to Everett to pick up a handful of small tools so i could save shipping costs. And then went home and placed a $100 order on their stupid website, which will be here in 14 days. Genius.

Oh, and one of the front lug bolts was over-tightened so it sheared off taking a front wheel off Friday. One more item on the list.

Oh, and now the AC has to be discharged apparently for the engine to come out, so i’ll have to pay some shop a gazillion dollars to re-charge it with coolant once it’s put back together. And the stuff’s deadly poisonous, so draining it should be really fun. Sweet.

And i lost my credit card – the one i was going to use to buy the turbos – and the bank will “hopefully” have a replacement to me in 5-7 business days. Perfect. I didn’t lose it for real – it’s probably just around my house somewhere – but i’m such a stressed out mess that it could be taped to my forehead and i wouldn’t know. If it is taped to my forehead, would someone please tell me? On second thought, don’t bother – i already ordered the new one.

My fortune cookie at lunch today said “you will overcome great adversity”. $#$% overly-optimistic fortune cookies.