UK Folding Plug concept looks slim and sexy in your luggage

Where was this when I was packing a bag to London? Unfortunately it’s just a concept right now, but this slick idea folds the bulky UK power adapter into a slim three-prong wonder that packs better, and – with a modified power strip – could potentially reduce under-the-desk clutter. This is the kind of simple invention that you hope will get adopted by every electronics manufacturer post-haste, but which sadly will probably end up an obscure adapter in a few hundred British geeks’ toolboxes.


Courtesy of Engadget, who has a video of it in action: UK Folding Plug concept could flatten that bulky British adapter.

British Auto Show – July 2008

I’m ready to launch my new gallery format and the British Auto Show in London last month seemed like great content, as it’s my most international and exclusive photo shoot yet. Let me know what you think of the new gallery, and hopefully I’ll get everything else migrated into it soon as it looks nicer, and allows me to post photos more quickly. I’m all about efficiency!

The auto show in London was incredible, full of brands we never see in the states like Peugeot, Renault, Citroen, Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo, as well as micro brands like Tesla, Mastretta, Morgan, Lightning and NICE. Aston Martin had some beautiful cars on display, Alfa’s booth was saturated with thumpy Italian club beats and leggy Italian models, Citroen’s gleaming white booth featured an upscale lounge atmosphere with a full bar, Honda and Mazda hung cars from the ceiling and Vauxhall’s Insignia rode high-banked curves along the outer perimeter walls. I hit up the Top Gear booth for some awesome swag and a souvenir for Clint, and climbed all over the Nissan GTR, staying so long I got the booth hostess’s phone number. 😉 I had a great – but exhausting – time trying to see all the exhibitors’ wares and didn’t have time to partake in any of the outdoor “experiences” but I saw enough to convince me I’d like to be back next year.

Gallery slideshow is here

On the streets in central London

London is an incredible city, full of history at every turn and more culturally diverse than the United Nations on bring-your-family-to-work day. It’s a place that truly embodies expressions like “hole in the wall”, as the curved streets, winding alleys, dead-end “mews” and never-ending canyons of brick and cobblestone mean there are literally thousands of gems – clubs, restaurants, pubs, stores – that you might only find by chance, on a recommendation, or by getting lost.

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, especially of things I don’t ever see in Seattle. For example, there have been some great British cars driving around:

As well as some vehicle owners with questionable taste:

And definitely some stores we don’t have at home:

More when I get a chance, but suffice to say that London has been a very cool experience so far!