The new Apple watch is still just a pretty slideshow based on Jony Ives’ secret sketchbook with only a handful of real-world prototypes briefly showcased to the press, but the design model for the watch’s UI made enough of an impression on developer Lucas Menge that he built a prototype for the iPhone using the same construct.

Most current UX best practices say users need grid layouts, left-right readability and other constructs carried over from the physical interfaces that so many of our digital ones have been built to mimic. Maybe, however, we are far-flung enough from the original inspiration for those designs now that our digital UI’s can have a design plan of their own, built for a world that is and will always be electronic. It seems like touchscreen technology has become sufficiently advanced to permit a more organic metaphor. At least, that’s how these gifs makes it seem:

I wouldn’t mind downloading an iPhone skin that worked this way just to try it. Maybe it’s more intuitive and usable than we think – maybe we have all just been programmed to fear the chaos of organic structures through a lifetime of computer-induced order.

Via Gizmodo: How the iPhone’s UI Would Look If It Acted Like the Apple Watch.