Fun that comes in ounces… but not in inches.

Didn’t think i had anything interesting to say today… i got all logged in and typed nothing for a couple hours, then gave up. I mean, i guess i could have lamented how completely lame our weather has been, granting us absolutely zero snow and keeping the Summit closed with a whopping 12″ of base. Suck. Yeah, i guess i could have talked about that. But’s it’s just all too depressing.

But then, i found something to get me all excited… a way to rationalize buying a Gameboy. No, not one of the new DS (dual screen) models – not that i’d reject it if the UPS driver left it on my door – but one of the older, more affordable GBA‘s. See, i can be realistic…

I mean, it’s not like there aren’t already hundreds of reasons to get a GBA – 1000 actually – but i just found a new and semi-useful one. TurboXs has a kit – cartridge, special cable, velcro(?) – that turns a GBA into an auto tuning tool and multi-gage. How totally cool. It’s called the TXS DTEC and they’re creating plugins for fuel management as well as every engine gauge you can think of. And when i’m not tweaking with the car, it doesn’t affect the GBA’s potential for entertainment, either – it will still work just like normal so i can pretend it’s winter playing SSX Tricky or SSX 3, or simply take out my frustration at our disheartening weather by stealing some cars and blowing them up. Now if only that tax return would hurry up and get here, so i could start looking for Gameboys on ebay…

I’m Def Getting My Eyes Pierced

Granted, i don’t really read the “real” news. I read slashdot, the mac news network, and fark. And even on fark, i really don’t click on many links that sound like actual news, mostly stuff that’s tagged “amusing”, “spiffy”, or “wierd”. To be quite honest, i consider this the “real” news myself – i don’t really care about gibberish weather predictions, high school sports scores, or anything remotely related to the consumer price index. News in my book is who the RIAA is suing this week, scientific proof that caffeine is a health food, or how many billion dollars micro$oft was fined lately for being evil. Therefore, i don’t read about a lot of the really disturbing stuff that makes the news these days. Besides, i prefer to be creeped out by weird pop culture trends and government conspiracies instead of gory serial killings and whatever else they think is newsworthy down at king5. So, that said, the creepiest thing i saw on the news today is from Holland. Apparently the dutch think it’s a keen idea to implant jewelry under the mucous membranes in their eyes. Picture is not for the faint of stomach, or people who don’t like their eyes touched. I’ll stick to poking holes in my epidermal layer with big needles and other perfectly normal body decorations, thank you.

And now for today’s completely-0%-creep-factor Nissan update: The Z hit 1000 miles yesterday, i changed the oil and bled the clutch a bit (that second one is difficult to do by yourself, btw), turned the boost up a few notches, and drove around for a few hours. I set the AVC-R at 1.0 kg/cm2, and the turbos easily hit that (it’s about 14psi) at 5400rpm. All my research says not to take it past 15psi without better fuel management, so now i’m shopping for an air/fuel ratio gauge and buying lottery tickets to try and afford new fuel injectors. Anyone with a $G laying around can feel free to order a set of 555cc Nismo injectors for me. My birthday is coming up soon… 😉