The Domino’s NOID is back?

I’m sure the commercials weren’t nearly as funny in the 80’s as we all remember them to be now – the rosy glasses of nostalgia being what they are – but if you are convinced the NOID is a classic 80’s icon that you need to rock in the 10’s (boy, does this century make for some awkward abbreviations) here is your chance. It’s officially licensed by Domino’s (so the chances of a DMCA attack squad pinning your neck down with a combat boot are minimal) and the proceeds support St Jude Children’s Hospital. Go retro for the kids!

Buy a Domino’s Pizza AVOID THE NOID! T-Shirt for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


Stickers and joyrides

Don’t know if i’m gonna have anything really witty to say today, as i burned most of my clever energy thinking up funny slogans to be on t-shirts, and submitting them to StickerJunkie in hopes of a big phat prize and a cushy book deal after i become famous. So start watching for me on Leno, and if you have anything i’ve signed, you might wanna hang onto it.

Spent a while discussing the great pop vs. soda debate with Ian on IM. If you’re unclear where you fall, let statistics be your guide. I personally am a big proponent of soda, despite growing up in pop-heavy montana. I mean, they use soda water to make it, and pop is just such an overused word – you can pop someone with your fist, you can pop into or out of a place, you can even pop the top of a soda… tires do it, bubbles do it, weasles do it… just too generic. Although i’m a big fan of calling them ‘kleenex’ and not ‘facial tissues’, the idea of referring to all soda as ‘coke’ annoys me, also. Guess i’d never survive in texas… But all kleenex are facial tissues, where not all sodas are coke. Mutual exclusivity and all that. Eek, calculus flashback. Quick, think about something mindless…professional wrestling… the fox network… my job… ok! Better!

Summer weeks are nonstop joyrides it seems, from a nite on the lake to a dinner in a bar to a movie downtown to a weekend bbq. I’m very behind on eating junk food, watching cartoons, sleeping in past noon, and other important weekly tasks that i’ve been forced to let slip lately in the face of the all-consuming social life. It is summer, tho, so i should take advantage of the lovely weather and cheerful spirits to indulge a bit – there will be plenty of rainy days to settle down with a book (or my bills) and a hot drink (really anything that i don’t order at a bar would be good) and curl up in front of the fire (or the washer and dryer). Mm, gotta go, i need to get home and work out if i’m gonna be in shape for wakeboarding…