Full and happy after lunch, things are quiet – nothing is beeping or flashing – leaving me to ponder what’s happening on Fark today and shop for nerd-gear at NTKmart. That and watch this creepy feature on CNN about all these people who dress up as lady liberty (blue face and all) and pose with tourists in NYC. Apparently it’s all the rage in the big apple right now. That, and iPods.

In the interest of amusing yourself today, check out toothpastefordinner.com. Danielle, this one is for you.

On the home front, looks like JasonT will be moving in as roomie #3 sometime in the next couple of weeks, as Christian leaves for Germany (yes, again. no, i don’t know either. you’re going to have to ask him). I think this will be a great arrangment as Kim and i already know and like Jason, he needs a place right when we have one available (very fortuitous), all his furniture is already moved in (we’ve been using/storing/saving his stuff while he was in NYC) and it saves Kim and i from having to interview strangers who might have been drug addicts, vampires, mormons, or worse. As far as we know, Jason is none of these things. Plus, it will be cool to have a good professional colleague such as him around – i really enjoyed that about JoshH as a roommate. We were able to collaborate on contract projects and whatnot as well as motivate each other, and i think Jason and i will have that same opportunity, which i’m excited about. Also, i’ll have somebody to play TimeSplitters2 with again… 🙂