Sunny sunday morning… what am i doing up at 8am?

Augh. Forgot to close the blinds before i went to sleep… stupid sunshine. 😉

Got to bed pretty early, tho, cause i was so wiped out yesterday! Patrick, Luis and i were entered in a car show yesterday, Import Life, at the old naval base at Sandpoint Park. Pretty cool venue, this big junky airplane hangar. When we showed up they told us any cars not part of a vendor booth were to be parked outside – that meant us. Which would be fine, other than we brought our cars up friday nite (as instructed) and were supposed to leave them there overnight until the show on saturday… outside… with the hood popped… and the battery disconnected. I don’t think so! Oh, sure, they have some security guard or something… but is he going to chase away seagulls for me?

Anyway, we bugged a couple staffers, pointing out we were all NWN members, and scored a spot just under the roof. Very nice, as it kept us in the shade for most of the day saturday, as well.

What it didn’t protect us from were 1) the hideously muggy weather on saturday and 2) the total chaos of the show’s judging and being pretty much screwed out of a fair chance. Basically, the doofus judge that was assigned to our category blew right by our cars, standing way back, and then moved on before we even noticed he was doing anything. Usually, we would each get a chance to talk to our judge, pointing out things on our cars, answering questions about the work, etc. A few things (like Patrick’s angel eyes) need to be turned on or demonstrated for full effect… which of course we can’t do if we don’t know we’re being judged. Stupid. Stupid amateur local shows!

Regardless, we had an interesting time, and it’s always cool to hang with Luis for the day. I took some pics, blah blah, you know the drill… i’ll have them up by thanksgiving. 😉

The plan for today is to drive up to everett (again) in search of a polisher. Mom said she’d buy me one if i used it to touch up some “problem areas” on Danielle’s car. We looked at two at sears (they only had two), an underpowered 50-dollar one and a really nice $200 one. Eek. Mom was all set to buy the big one, figuring that was still less than it would cost to pay someone to fix Danielle’s car. But… dum da dum… Harbor Freight to the rescue!

If you’ve never shopped at HF, well, you’ve missed out. They have the cheapest stuff… it’s like Christmas every day up there. There are only two physical stores, everett and tacoma. And the catalog and website, which are different than the stores in price and availability. So anyway, i checked the site and found this screamin deal, a $50 one on sale for $25 that had more power than the $200 one at sears! Sweet. I trucked myself up there – got a sunburn driving the Z up there, actually 😉 – only to find that this model was on sale for $40 in the store, and they wouldn’t honor the $25 price without a printout of the website. Even tho they all knew it was on sale and knew exactly what i was talking about… stupid!

I could have ordered it off the site, but by the time i pay shipping it’s $35 and will take two weeks to get here, and then i might as well buy it in the store. So today i printed off the stupid page, and i’m going to drive back up to everett and make them give me the sale price. Stupid. But then i’ll have a neato new polisher to buff the scars out of Danielle’s paint, and (bonus!) give the Z the uber-shine it deserves. And i should probably get headed up there this morning, while the sun’s still in the east, so i can sunburn the other side of my face and even things out. 😉

OH, and in case no one noticed, i did not go to montana this weekend – it just didn’t work out, wasn’t in the budget, etc. I’m sorry to miss Tim’s wedding, and i wish him and Stacy the best of luck together! Danielle and Miguel drove Mom to spokane where they met Dad. So i’m still waiting to show Dad my car – the only time he’s seen it was as a giant mess of parts in Steph’s garage. I guess when Mom and Dad come visit in august.

Also, in case no one noticed, i have a new job starting Jul 30th working in the NOC (network operations center) of an ad-serving company downtown. Very excited about that, i owe Ian big-time for talking me up so much. My first real tech company!!! And an office downtown! (Walking distance from Safeco Field, no less!) It seems like a great company, too, with opportunities for me to advance into IT, devel, support, security, networks – whatever. They do a little bit of everything in-house, and the place is full of bright people i can learn a lot from. And they pay for my bus pass! Just doesn’t get better than that. 🙂 Only 9 more days at JLS and then i’m movin’ on up, baby, yeah! 😀

Save the world; use Firefox.

Such a busy week i haven’t had a chance to write… actually, it’s been more than a week! Anyway, with Mom here visiting a lot of my free time has been spent hanging out with her, Danielle and Miguel (when he’s in town). She’s here for one more week, until i head home to MT this coming weekend for Tim’s wedding – she’ll be along for the ride east.

It’s been great having Mom in town, altho i wish i didn’t have so much else going on while she’s here. Between meetings, contract jobs, car fixing and whatnot, i haven’t been able to spend as much time with her as i’d like. I was slated even to go to Travis’s grandma’s cabin at Summit Lake this weekend, but that ended up not working out, so at least i’m around a bit more than i expected.

After working on both Eric and Patrick’s cars thursday nite, i was totally in the mood to drive the Z friday morning. It was a bit misty but pretty ok, managed to stay dry and even be a little sunny by the afternoon. I always forget after a week or so how much fun i have behind the wheel of that thing – it’s such a rocket! A lot flashier than the truck. 😉

So somewhere in the process of driving it around that morning, it developed the most hideously embarassing exhaust leak. Ironically, i had spent the nite previous – until a bit past midnite – working on exhaust leaks on Patrick’s Maxima and installed test pipes (read: exhaust work) on Eric’s 350z. I guess my car just wanted to be part of all the fun. Anyway, by the time i picked Mom up for lunch it was so annoyingly loud that i was muttering constantly and having a hard time even driving around! Very ghetto, it sounded like a moped riding around just beside my rear fender. Mom just laughed at me as we made our way to the Ballard fish terminal for the best clam chowder in town at Chinook’s, as i’m grumbling about my stupid exhaust leak and trying to keep the car moving without revving past 1000 rpm.

So that’s my task for this morning – headed to Eric’s garage again to fix another exhaust leak.. haha. This time i’m remembering the racheting wrenches – don’t know how i ever fixed anything before i had those!

Oh, and if you hadn’t heard, the Homeland Security Dept is advising everyone not to use m$ internet exploder. For once they are right about something – their deranged paranoia has landed on a reasonable target. So apparently if we all don’t start using Mozilla products to surf the web, the sanctity of our nation is at stake. What more reason do you need? 😉