Sleeping in sunday morning for the first time in… a long time! No rush to drive a across town to spend all day in the garage. Okay, that’s not entirely true – i’m still driving across town, and i’m still anxious to get there, but for an entirely different reason this sunday! A fun reason! 😉

Logged 120 miles yesterday, things seem to be working well. Getting used to the very short clutch, the tight steering, all the stuff i bought the car for that i haven’t been enjoying lately! It really is a great driving machine, i’m going to have a very difficult time convincing myself to drive the sentra. Ever. 😉

I need to take a moment for some appreciation. I feel like i won an award or something, and i can’t take all the credit cause so many people helped along the way. So here’s my speech. I’d like to thank the acadamy…

  • Jason M, for all the phone calls – me with stupid questions, him keeping me on track – all the garage days, all the early mornings, all his patience with my learning curve and my frustration and impatience. I owe you big time, man! Next time let me buy the chicken!
  • Eric L, for all the garage days, especially since he always seemed to choose the dirty, messy, painful parts of the job – can you say “tranny bolts”? And for being so enamoured with the Z that you needed one for yourself! Welcome to the brotherhood, brother!
  • Mike R, for all your generousity with tools, supplies and time, for sharing all your cool ideas, for helping me realize mine. A guy with so much going on it blows me away and he still has time to spend whole weekend days in my garage! Now let’s get your car running!
  • Steph A, for the lovely garage for the last four months, all the patience with the mess/noise/smell/deadly chemicals/random houseguests. For driving to burien/lynnwood/everett/west seattle for parts/tools/picking up me. For understanding when i needed to spend beautiful sunny days in the garage with the door closed, for being such a great hostess and friend! You rock!
  • Travis W, with his fancy Nissan tools and the hookup on all the proper equipment – thanks for your help, man, i really appreciate it! I promise i’ll never cut your belts again… 😉
  • Clint H, for all the garage days, for putting up with all our abuse, for keeping me laughing when i took the turbos off for the fourth time! Let’s go driving!
  • Christi D, for jumping in whenever you have the chance, for your concern/reassurance/advice from the grocery store or wherever i interrupted you, for having hands that fit inside the engine bay! 😉
  • Christie S, for letting me have Jason for the last 3 months with minimal fuss! 😉 And for being just skeptical enough about everything to keep me from getting too cocky…
  • Mom, Dad, Danielle – for being so understanding, helpful, patient, loving, enthusiastic. For driving out here for a weekend so Dad and i could assemble the motor. Thanks Dad for all your help, advice and reassurance! Thanks Mom for not giving me too hard a time for buying another red sports car!
  • Sarin – thanks for all the parts/tools runs when i had no ride!
  • Sean – thanks for help with the exhaust and driveshaft!
  • Steve – thanks for the wrench, and for always being interested in my progress and stories!

This is were i’d exit the stage clutching my guilded award and hustle back to the green room to have a cocktail and see how i look on the 10 second delay. But at this award show, i get to drive the prize home. 🙂

Speaking of Nissans (when aren’t we lately?) yesterday was an excellent day for the NorthWest Nissans BBQ at Golden Gardens Park. Vince, Ben, Breezy, Aaron, Clint and the NWN gang always throw a great event, and this second annual beachside bbq was no exception. Huge turnout, some great cars there, a perfect inaugural trip for my freshly-assembled Z. They were all great about wanting to see my progress, too, have all been very supportive along the way. Actually, lots of people thought my car was worth looking at. I caught this lady sneaking a pic out her window, drive-by style! I loved showing off, it’s so much fun to drive and such a looker! 😉 And the bbq was a great time, looking forward to the next NWN event. Although i’ll wear my NWN hoodie next time (i forgot it in all my last-minute-car-tweaking madness) as that sea breeze gets a bit brisk!