I was really hoping i could make it thru the next week without having to make any political comments. I really didn’t want to sink to that level. And although i still refuse to waste bandwidth with some msnbc-style gibberish about polls and electoral colleges, i really couldn’t leave this alone.

Apparently people (democratic Kerry-supporters in this story on Power Line) who feel so strongly about their political opinions as to become violent are trying to harrass and intimidate others into voting for a particular candidate. I’ve noticed in my own personal sphere that people are either planning to quietly vote for Bush based on an ideological view or they vehemently hate George Bush and plan to vote for Kerry to spite the current president (and not because they particularly identify with Kerry). That second group of people is also (and this is a huge generalization) more prone to getting angry with people that don’t agree with them. Not just argumentative – actually angry. Like a vote for Bush is a personal attack on them. And they strike back, verbally or otherwise in what is often a totally inappropriate manner, as is evidenced in the above and on Captain’s Quarters. Since when do we allow political campaigning inside the polling places?? How about aggressive threatening inside the polling places? Should single women and the elderly be afraid to vote, fearing an angry mob outside the polling place might single them out? Juicee News even has a report of two jokers throwing pies at a speaker (they only grazed her shoulder, cause they suck). I don’t know who Ann Coulter is (i gather she’s a conservative of some sort) but i don’t think 1) throwing pies at her will help your cause, whatever that cause may be or 2) resorting to physical assault is going to make anyone take our political process more seriously.

And that’s the part that really disturbes me. There are people in this country who feel so strongly about their politics that they are willing to act violently towards their fellow citizens just to express their views. This isn’t a heated debate that turns into fisticuffs; this is random acts of violence towards strangers who believe something different than you. This is verbal and sometimes even physical abuse, striking out – not in frustruation, misunderstanding or divisiveness – but in hatred at someone who has done nothing to the aggressors personally and possibly done nothing wrong at all other than to believe something different. That’s terrorism, people. No witty political banter is going to argue that away. We’re terrorizing our neighbors and fellow citizens because they don’t agree with us. Is this really what we’ve become, America? Are we sure our troops are stationed in the right country, looking for terrorists? Maybe we need marines posted outside our libraries and elementary schools on nov 2nd, making it safe for Americans to live in a democracy? What happened to “land of the free” and all that tolerance we are supposed to exhibit? Or is tolerance reserved only for those we agree with…??