In an august survey by Yahoo 77% of yahoo users would rather clean a toilet bowl than sort thru the spam in their inbox. That’s pretty funny. Spam is probably the number one complaint i get at work from users. Especially ironic considering i’m only responsible for their internet connection and keeping their keyboard working – i have no control over anything related to their email accounts. And i get as much spam as they do. 😉 What’s really so frustrating to me about spam is the same thing that drives me crazy about telemarketing: it wouldn’t happen if it didn’t work. People out there are buying stuff when called randomly during dinner, they’re clicking the link in their email to purchase viagra without a prescription, they’re being swindled out of their credit card numbers by the shiny baubles on qvc. If no one succumbed to such evil sales tactics, they would not be viable business methods and they would cease to exist. You hear that america? Stop complaining about annoying sales tactics; smarten up and stop buying their stuff!

Okay, so spam is annoying. Know what’s not annoying? “Free money!” Well, yes. “Sunny weather!” Ok, yes, unless maybe it’s really hot. “Free candy!” Okay, enough guessing for you. What’s really really not annoying is my lovely new Z. 😀 I actually tried to sleep in today, but couldn’t do it – i was too excited to get up and drive to work. You catch that? I was excited to get up and drive to work. Yes, my new car is getting me to work on time, because it calls my name so loudly from across the yard that it keeps me awake at night. 😉 Of course, if our flake-tastic landlord will ever call me back, it might be calling my name from the garage instead – i really hope she wants to rent that! Anyway, it’s very pretty and fun. My friends have been great and are all very excited for me. I do still really need to figure out what everything is and how it all works, but i can already tell this is the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship. 😉