No love fo’ yo’ town in Motown

I had a whole collection of links piled together to discuss today, but i just don’t feel right moving on without at least skimming some superbowl-related chunks out of the broth sloshing around in my head. It was a milestone year for Seattle, to be sure, being the Seahawks’ first visit and all. Add to that the unpleasant legal mumblings aimed our direction from Texas A&M regarding the whole “12th man” thing, which is total crap since soccer fans in Europe have been using that phrase longer than Texas has been a state. Of course, the promotions budget was bigger this year than it has ever been, the drama on the field was more drawn-out and overstated than before, and retailers moved more TV sets in honor of the event than in any year past. Despite that, however, this year’s mega-game hasn’t bumped last year’s from the top spot on

Also, doctors can prescribe themselves drugs … right?

So 2004 is the 20th anniverary of the Macintosh – remember, the 1984 commerical? Apple spiced up that ad with a new version incorporating an iPod, just cause they’re funny and weird like that. Steve Jobs also had a few interesting things to say about the last 20 years and where he sees Apple going. He’s definitely been good for the company, bringing his artistic vision and big dreams back to an organization that was for a while there run entirely by accountants. The reading on this subject that has consumed me the most are the anecdotes by Andy Hertzfeld on about his daily adventures in the first years of Macintosh. His stories about the challenges, victories and comraderie of the original Mac team totally sucked me in. Good reading, even if you’re not a total Mac-head. 😉

Apparently there’s some sort of football-related event this sunday, so i’m headed up to Jason & Christie’s to partake in mass quantities of junk food and a hollow homage to an over-merchandised sporting event. Will probably spend saturday getting high on carb cleaner in Steph’s garage under the guise of cleaning car parts. Still have some work to do on a web contract job, too, hopefully this weekend will bring some time for that, and some internet errands and backup disc burning.

Also, i’m apparently roped into shopping for a broadband ISP for Mom and Dad, which doesn’t sound too hard until you recall that they live in amish country and most of their neighbors spend more time raising barns, shoeing horses and churning their own butter than surfing the internet. The only broadband in town, BackwaterDSL, is only open for tech support before the morning milking and after the dinner bell, so they’ve been a bit difficult to reach. I think someone’s been leaving the tin can off the hook. The customer support rep told Mom – as he was whittling wood, no doubt – that she needs a $400 Cisco router to make thier DSL compatible with her iMac. That’s bunk, says me, so now i’m in charge of choosing and configuring network hardware from 500 miles away. I really should have gone to med school instead – nobody asks doctors to perform surgery over the telephone.

Although breakfast is technically not included

Happy February! What’s happy about February, you ask? Well, it certainly isn’t me trying to type February! Augh! Who thought of that name?

Christian gets here in less than a week, and Danielle with him. I made 200 bucks on ebay this week which was supposed to be fun money for then, but I spent it on other stuff – oh, well! It’s just money, right? Work is sucking today, as always. I really want to ask the guys moving furniture next door how much they get paid – they seem to be having a great deal more fun. Sent out some more resumes this week, no bites yet. I found another position at MusicNet that sounds cool, although it’s on a contract basis. I still like the company; what I really like about them is that they’re hiring…

Plans for the weekend include a superbowl party @ Lindsay’s (oh, and Adam lives there, too, and Shadow) and some heavy-duty reorganizing at home with Josh, trying to make room for our houseguests. If we could think of a catchy name, we’d open a B&B.