My ‘Starbucks Spelling’ Submission

I’ve been laughing at this site for a while – the noisy line at Starbucks in the morning is apparently the new “telephone game” for caffeine addicts. They usually do OK with me, but yesterday I got a good one worth posting to the tumblr blog.

Maybe someday they will link that to my Starbucks Gold Card so that my name (and maybe my drink preferences!) would automatically populate when I pay. Here’s hoping.

Brian – on starbucks spelling at

Say hello to the sun for me.

Good thing i have the wsdot webcams to keep me in touch with reality. They are supposed to be for monitoring traffic, but i use them to tell if the sun is shining, if it’s snowing in the mountains, or just to remind myself what the world looks like outside.

It’s my second day back to work after a nice, relaxing week in Montana with the family. I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in, eating more than my fair share of Mom’s wonderful cooking and wearing slippers and flannel pants through the majority of the day. There was also time to visit with some extended family that i hadn’t seen in a long time, spend a day baking holiday treats with Danielle and Grama Polly, meet Lance for lunch at Hoagieville and even catch Ann for coffee at Starbucks. Yes, Missoula has a Starbucks, although it’s kind of strange – they don’t seem quite as polished or quite as… caffeinated… as baristas in Seattle. See, coffee is one addiction where you want your dealer to also be a user. I would hypothesize that a significant percentage of baristas are simply addicts seeking their fix at a discount.

Since i’m working the next several days and am, obviously, no longer in MT with the folks, we held our Christmas celebration early, complete with gift-opening and our traditional feast (fondue). It was kinda weird but cool, and as Danielle and i will be back that way for Dad’s surgery in two weeks, the calendar holidays this weekend and next kind of blur into the work week and seem rather normal. In an effort to show some Christmas spirit even though it seems belated, i’m wearing red and green today, although the skeleton crew still in the office today are the only ones who might notice, and very few of those will come behind my locked door or happen to cross my path. Whatever, it makes me feel more Christmas-y.

Only three more hours and then i can go home and enjoy some new Christmas gifts, and continue to relish solo living and the consequent liberation. My wishlist worked, apparently, as Grama thought the Dukes of Hazzard on DVD sounded like fun, Mom induldged me in a similar box set of Knight Rider discs, and Danielle and Miguel went shopping on Big thanks to my great family for such a fun, stress-relieving Christmas. Too bad it only comes once a year!

So i guess i should get back to watching CSI, trying to look like i’m working, and praying for snow. The nice kids over at client services brought us a gift box filled with goodies – including

Mac-less summer

Comin at ya from my work-provided windoze laptop this evening, so if this entry gives your computer a virus, you can blame micro$oft. My poor, poor Powerbook is spending the night at the Mac Store after it freaked out on me this week. Weird hard drive clicking noises, strange clunking… altogether unhealthy things. How ironic that i just paid off the loan on it last week. I mean, not paid off… refinanced… but still, i closed the loan. And now it doesn’t work. Ugh. A new one like mine is only $2900… if anyone wants to pick one up for me i’d love you forever.

At least i had the luck, foresight and last few minutes of uptime to back up my documents and whatnot. I have all my stuff…. on a firewire drive that i can’t access. So i can see the box where my stuff is, i just can’t see what’s in the box. Sigh. OH, and did i mention that it cost $45 just to drop it off… $90 an hour for them to look at it… and i was already buying coffee with a handful of quarters today. Seriously, the people at Starbucks thought i was very strange. I don’t think anyone’s ever given them change.

In order to try and completely forget about pretty much my entire life, i spent all evening washing both cars and enjoying the sunshine. Danielle came over to join me, and washed her car, too. Then we made dinner, supplemented by chips and nacho cheese, and watched Futurama reruns and laughed. It’s great to have a friend in town like her that’s so easy to spend time with! 🙂

Once the truck was clean, i put a few new stickers on it of my own, adding to Eric’s collection of ski and surf ones. I had a few cool ones from ski swaps and Warren Miller movies i’ve been saving. My favorite, tho, is a big black sticker that says “Trogdor” right in the middle of the ski rack’s wind deflector. Sorry, no pix – without my laptop i’m virtually helpless. And without Photoshop, well… don’t ask. And I’m not going to link you to Trogdor… you’re supposed to know who he is. 😉