There’s a great article in Friday’s New York Times about the effect that blogging, Facebook, Twitter and the many new socially-focused technologies are having on our society and the way we make and keep friends. Some of this really resonated with me, especially the increased self-awareness from forcing yourself to gather and represent your thoughts coherently. In a similar way to a journal, writing down what’s in your head often helps to make sense of it, to deal with struggles, to expel frustration, to appreciate blessings, even if it’s only a brief thought captured in a 140-letter tweet. As few of my real-life friends are using tools like Twitter I haven’t started to see most of the “ambient awareness” effects Thompson talks about, but the idea makes sense from a sociology perspective and I can see the potential for changing how we think about acquaintances and friends.

Anyway, read the article if you’re interested in this kind of thing. Maybe the next generation won’t write “keep in touch” in their yearbooks, just “see you on Facebook”.