Snow in Seattle! (always a catastrophe)

“Snow day! Three inches on the ground downtown and the city has shut down. We always makes jokes about that, about how little it takes for Seattlites to throw in the towel in the face of winter weather. But we really do have a low threshold for winter. 😉 I’m watching news footage of the hundreds of people armed with sleds, snowboards, skiis, and whatever else they can find sliding down the counterbalance – a really steep part of Queen Anne Ave a few blocks north of the Space Needle. With schools closed, government agencies on holiday, the buses largely not running or not running very effectively, cab drivers headed home for the day, and even Starbucks locking up the doors, there’s not much reason to go outside anyway, and not much keeping people from playing in the streets in whatever neighborhood they can walk to.

My office, too, declared a company holiday and sent us home. Thinking ahead, i opted not to go in at all in anticipation of a much-appreciated snow day. Can lying in bed until 10am be considered good planning?

I spent a little time finding some good pics for ya. You can also check out my live webcam conglomerate page – not my cams, i just put them all one page. Most of the credit goes to the WA dept of transportation. Anyway, here’s some fun shots of Seattle’s snowy madness.

One of metro’s articulated buses has a little trouble with an onramp.

I’m glad this isn’t my car! Looks like somebody took out a lightpole and an Audi in one swoop. Yet another reason not to be parked downtown today. Course i’m not parking anywhere lately…

Here’s a sound transit bus stuck sideways on 4th Ave downtown in front of the new public library construction site – which is on hold today, as well.

A nice crosstown shot from Lake City area, framed in snowy evergreens.

Foggy view of downtown over I-5 near UW. Of note here is the middle lane, which is supposed to be the express lanes. Not much express about that!

Instead of being in school or at work, residents of Queen Anne are taking to the streets on whatever will slide down the hill.

Okay, that’s all i got for ya. Going to go work out, take a shower, and microwave something to eat. Enjoy the weather!

Somewhere in here is what’s left of my optimism

So my motor was supposed to show up today, but G.I. Trucking sucks and is too lazy to get it here. Something about their truck breaking or whatever and they’ll try again friday. It’s been sitting at the seattle terminal since dec 17th. Seriously, people, what am i paying you for? And don’t get me started on fedex and ups… leaving notes on my door, coming during the day despite my specific requests to come after work, being generally incompetent and disorganized. Ugh.

In other news, seattle is all snowy and wintery, very very weird to see out the window. Downtown covered with snow, very disturbing. I don’t like it. I want it to go away. Had a nice breakfast with Kim and Erika, welcoming them back to our supposedly-mild-weathered home. Steph and i grabbed lunch supplies and raced to her house to meet the engine shipment that never arrived… oh, wait, i was going to change the subject. Sorry. So anyway, first car payment is due in 15 days. Sure getting my money’s worth there. I pick up a rental car friday morning so i can drive all over town running errands, buying tools and come up to Steph’s with a trunk full of supplies and work on my car. Oh, wait, not gonna get much done without that order of parts from Courtesy Nissan i placed on the 12th that hasn’t arrived because they lost the invoice. Didn’t stop them from already billing my credit card. And people say big business is evil… small business is just as bad.

Oh, right, i had somethign funny to show you. Check out the funny mac-related t-shirts on this website, I think this one is my favorite. If they had any left besides XXL i might actually buy one and wear it to work.

Snow is always an event here

So, it’s Wednesday – the week’s half over! – and it’s snowing like crazy again. So, the first time it snowed i was all excited, cause it was such a novelty and whatever. Now it’s just snowing again, and i kinda wish it would just give it up and be spring already. Since it’s like officially spring and all, what, tomorrow? So that’s weird.

Had lunch down in the U district w/ Jason & Julia today, so we could talk shop. I have a meeting with a guy named mark tonite about a possible contract project, which would be very cool – building an intranet and some databases and stuff. I’m way excited about getting back into the biz. Then tomorrow nite i have a meeting down in bellevue for a software testers organization i joined (thanx Peggy! you rock!). Which reminds me, i probably should go pre-read some of the material. It’s so great to be a little busy again! Had a pretty slow day at work, what with a long lunch downtown, and helping Kylie all day, with her phone, her headset, her computer, whatever. That, and pondering all the snow, watching webcams all over the city (since we’re all trapped up here in nowheresville all day). And only two more days until the weekend! Hey, if any of ya’ll are not busy saturday, you can help me help Steph move. Pour soul, she’s leaving capitol hill and moving into the suburbs. But i think she’ll survive ok, despite that. Okay, work’s over, getta go home!