Skiing and Snowboarding – Winter 2012

A collection of stills from my GoPro HD Hero camera from this winter’s trips to Stevens Pass. This is my second season of snowboarding and it’s really starting to gel for me, but some days I’m just in the mood to ski (or the snow isn’t soft enough that I’m willing to fall off my snowboard into it) so I strap on the sticks for a bit instead. The GoPro constantly amazes me with the results it turns out running on automatic. If I end up with any video footage I’m happy with I might add it into this gallery, too.

Gallery is here – slideshow button is at the top-right corner.

Quick Game Review – Stoked: Big Air Edition

Good game, gets me in the mood to go ride for real, but it’s just 1) too realistic – tricks are not epic enough, air is not insane enough, speed is not ludicrous enough and 2) all the challenges are about doing specific tricks, there is no sense of creativity or personal style. Maybe it’s my fault, because I want so bad for this to be SSX Tricky and it just isn’t.

Stoked: Big Air Edition on GamerDNA

Quick Game Review – Stoked

What I really wanted was SSX Tricky. Stoked is visually impressive but too “real” – I play a video game (especially a snowboarding one) for better-than-reality tricks, stunts, and visuals. The music and characters are funny but get repetitive, but none of that would register if the gameplay were as epic and outrageous as I had hoped. But it’s just not SSX and I can’t help but pine for my PS2 and Elise, Kaori, Mac, Moby, Psymon and Zoe.

Stoked on GamerDNA