Wackiness from around the world

You think my phone beeps a lot during the day? Check out Deepak Sharma in India. So far his record is 182,689 SMS messages sent in a month. That’s 6089 a day, or 380 an hour (assuming 16 wake hours). Even if he worked long (18 hour) days that’s still 338 an hour, or 5.6 SMS messages sent per minute. His bill this month was 1400 pages long, although thankfully he has an unlimited messaging plan, or the charges would have exceeded $9000 US. His goal is 300,000 in one month, which would earn him Guinness Record Book status and a 2300-page wireless bill. You’d think at some point, his provider would just stop keeping track of them individually… and he has to be driving his friends and family crazy. Kudos to Deepak for making all us thumb-warriors proud!

A little closer to home, the Laser Monks of wisconsin are busy doing good works for their community, taking prayer requests via their webpage and… manufacturing printer ink. Yes, that’s right, you can order ink or toner for your paper-consuming appliance of choice, contribute to their charitable foundation, and check out the zany cartoon adventures of Luxor and Ludwig, the Abbey hounds, all from what is a very modern-looking website considering these Cistercians still hold mass in Latin. Oh, and they provide links to other monastery-made goods available online, such as honey, jam, pottery, and yes, even fruitcake. I’m sure it’s heavenly… 😉

From the pictures-of-places-i’ve-never-been department, here’s a lovely collection of photos from Zhuzhou, Hunan, China from a guy (whose name is not on the page anywhere) that spent some time there teaching english. I really liked his city shots, especially the b/w one with all the traffic. Cool stuff. In the fifth one down, look how high they’re stacking crates on that truck! Guess there are no low underpasses… This isn’t so much a ‘wacky’ item as a ‘from around the world’ item. I’ve been saving it for a while and just wanted to throw it out there today. It really defies my thinly veiled attempt at a theme, but as i’ve said before, if you have some lofty expectation of continuity and/or keeping my promises regarding content or timelines, you are surely on the wrong boat, my friend. If that’s unacceptable, i suggest you find your own dinghy and start rowing the other way. 🙂

And yes, because the weirdest stuff in the world is still right here at home (i’m talking about us, America. we’re the freaks) how about a little internet research to help you prepare for your next redneck wedding? Yes, race fans, you and the new Mrs can enjoy the ride from the 24 Hr Church of Elvis to your private table at Billy’s Steak House & Laundromat in a Nascar limosine. I find it no small coincidence that they’re most heavily concentrated in florida. Half the website is under contruction (which is a bummer, cause i really wanted to design my own racing limo in Tide orange, emblazoned with Miller Lite logos) but at least you can download computer desktop decor featuring the number 04 chevy monte carlo stretch sponsored by, you guessed it, Racing Limos. I think my favorite photo in the gallery is the Orlando bride draped across an orange-flamed pontiac hood. Apparently there are even die-cast cars inside to play with, and a spoiler for extra downforce!

SMS goes Google

Okay, ladies and germs, here’s your cool tech toy for the day. New fun things from the nice people at Google! Yes, as if the Froogle, language tools, and Gmail weren’t enough, those Google kids are hard at work bringing the world’s trendiest and most-useful search engine to your mobile phone. Yes, i know you can hit their search engine via your WAP browser if you’ve got a new-ish phone that has one of those. But this is even handier and more accessible – check out Google SMS!.

Now we all now how much i love SMS anyway, and this is just another great way to use it. You can send a message to “46645” (spells “GOOGL” on the phone, right?) with a query for a business listing – “Starbucks 98101” or “Kenneth Cole Seattle WA” – a residential listing – “Donald Trump New York NY” – a price listing from Froogle – “price simpsons dvd season 4” or simply “f simpsons dvd season 4” (the ‘f’ is for Froogle) – or a dictionary definition – “define thermonuclear” or simply “d thermonuclear”. Use it as a calculator and unit converter – “60 lbs in kg” or “half a cup in teaspoons” or “250 * 20%” – or look up an area code – “406” – or a zipcode – “90210”. If you get lost, just send a message that says “help” or for more specifics, “froogle help”, etc. and you’ll get a reply with more details. I just think that’s freakin slick, and i’m gonna be using it all the time. That unlimited SMS plan is really gonna pay off! 🙂 Those smart people at Google have really outdone themselves this time!

Must-see TV premieres!

Must-see TV premieres! Oooh! I can’t talk, it’s almost 8!

I stole this next bit from the “site news” section, since I know nobody reads that…

It is now possible to send an instant message to my cell phone (limited to 107 characters by the hardware) from the “contact” page. I can’t send one back to you yet, until Verizon gets the flash update kit for my phone distributed to their Seattle reps. But I can call you back, or at least have a good chuckle in response to your scathing wit.

A note: I made it very easy to turn off in case it gets abused… I mean you, Tyson!