Holiday-appropriate circus animals

Someone who’s a med student or something needs to explain to me the whole internal alarm clock thingy. Cause mine is seriously wacked out. After sleeping in until at least 10 for three days in a row (sat, sun, mon – aren’t long weekends the best!) i awoke peacefully this morning to sunshine and birds chirping, yawned and stretched, and glanced over to read ‘5:45’ on the clock. Augh! I felt completely rested, even though i’d gone to bed less than six hours earlier, and my alarm wasn’t set for another 15 minutes! Maybe it’s the cruelty of daylight savings time, i dunno. But it was creepy.

Stayed out later than i should have last nite, enjoying Dave’s perpetual hospitality and grilled cuisine. A few times around the ballroom floor with Christy, Tamara and Amy (i always hoped that hobby would pay off!) and a vigorous ping-pong match in the basement that lasted until all the balls disappeared into the cobwebbed corners kept me pretty busy all evening. Somewhere in there i also hit up a ride in Ian’s freshly-broken-in five speed and pigged out on memorial-day-appropriate red, white and blue circus animal cookies. Not a bad evening, considering i left to run errands at 2 in the afternoon, called Ian on a fluke from the freeway, and just stayed out the rest of the night. Wireless phones are great! Of course, i’ve always thought that… but whatever. Be back up there saturday to work on the car a bit in Dave’s garage (seriously, this guy is a majorly generous sort) and enjoy even more sunshine and bbq. Summer has arrived! Sehr aufgeregt!

Danielle popped into town thursday nite, which is my excuse for neglecting you this weekend. She’s on the job hunt this week, but the weekend was designated free time. We spent saturday and sunday being ultra-lazy, playing video games, surfing the internet and raiding the cupboards for junk food. It was great to relax and hang out with her… and i found a bunch of cool stuff in GTA Vice City! 😉 Like a helicopter! Sweet!

Friday i had the nwnismo gang up for italian (except for Travis, who’s a big slacker! and Jason, who was fishing… big surprise there… apparently he has two addictions…). Jason (Thane) and Julia showed up in time to bring much-needed dessert, and Danielle and i made waaay too much food, so we’ve been eating meatballs at least once a day ever since. Guess what’s for dinner tonite? It was great having everyone up, hope they can all come back more often! Clint even returned the sunglasses he stole from me, so now i don’t have to buy a new pair! He’s such a klepto… 😉

Now that it’s been a week and it’s old news… i have the photos from the cabin posted. Sorry, no pics from memorial day weekend, as i took a photographer’s holiday. 😉

I’m almost finished with my lunch, it’s time to get back to work. I typed the bulk of this entry with only my left hand, as my right hand was busy weilding an apple in a mouthward direction… i’m surprised there aren’t more typo-s… oh, right… i’m obsessive-compulsive and i fixed them all…

I bit the head off a live bat the other night…

So it’s friday, but i’m not sure if that’s It’s finally friday! or It’s already friday!. Didn’t get a lot of those chores and household tasks done that i meant to (no surprise there) but am definitely looking forward to the weekend. Kim made a pot of coffee this morning and then i left and forgot to take a cup with me. Should have done it, cause it’s 11.30 and i’m ready for a nap. 😉 I guess staying up late watching Will & Grace reruns and Elimidate while surfing the internet probably wasn’t the best move… but it is friday, no one expects me to be on the ball today anyway…

Going out to lunch with DJ today, next friday is his last day working here. Then he’s off to Hyde Park, NY for culinary school. Guess i’ll have to find someone else at work who will appreciate my engine dress-up and who is interested in tuning mini RC cars… On the plus side, maybe i can go visit NYC and stay with him, and we can roll up to Jersey, take my car to Level10 for a valve body upgrade!

I noticed that the WA dept of licensing charged $25 to my paypal card, which must mean they’ve processed our application for a business license. So Patrick and i are now legit, just waiting on our irs tax id number. That means i’ve gotta build us a website and a bunch of other stuff, so i’ve got weekend work to do. That, and we’re doing the first part of Ian’s transmission swap saturday, installing the clutch and brake pedals and the clutch master cylinder. Then a couple saturdays from now we’ll drop his auto tranny out and replace it with the 5 spd. Should be an interesting project, definitely messy. Added some more stuff to my Maxima wishlist today (brake upgrade) after a bus cut me off on the freeway. Stupid bus. This is really a random post. Kind of stream-of-consciousness writing. Maybe that’s because i’m kind of half-awake. So far i haven’t started talking like Ozzy… but the day is still young.

Showbox night out

It’s just a little after midnight and i’m getting home – two late nites in a row – no wonder i’ve needed so much coffee at work! No regrets, tho, as i was busy enjoying myself! Matt convinced me a few weeks ago to buy a ticket to a punk concert at the Showbox. I decided i could afford it (you’re only young once, right?) and I actually ended up finding a good deal on the newest disc from the headlining band, The Ataris, and have been enjoying it for the past few weeks.

Standing in line on the sidewalk before the show, i was beginning to wonder if i wanted to be there. I was tired after working all day, it was a bit cold and rainy standing out there, and i didn’t seem to have the energy that all high-school kids bouncing around the sidewalk did. A guy was walking up and down the line looking for extra tickets he could buy, and at one point he came by offering $40 for a ticket. Now, if you’ve looked at the pic of my ticket you’ll see i only paid 15… well, $16.50 with handling fee. I had already told myself if somone offered me 50 i would take it and go home and listen to the cd again. I almost took the 40. But i stuck it out, and Matt and Michelle showed up, and we made our way in and retreated to the bar to avoid the throngs of teenagers.

The first band was excellent, Yellowcard, a great punk gang with a ska-like twist in their violin player. Freakishly energetic and a very fun group, their new cd comes out in july, i’m going to be watching for it. The second act’s name was lost on me, as was their performance. They just hopped around and screamed a lot randomly. Not that i’m inherently against a yelling vocal style – Linkin Park – one of my favorite bands – comes to mind as a counterexample. These guys just weren’t together and the beat kept getting lost in the shuffle (and the screaming). Judging by their subdued mingling the crowd seemed to agree with me. The third group, The Juliana Theory, is what the second act aspired to be: screamers with rhythm. They were much more organized and a tighter group. Some great harmonies from the Bo Duke (as in: of Hazzard) lookalike, too.

After a substantial delay and a small amount of showmanship, the Ataris finally took the stage and made all the waiting outside worth it. A dynamic, intense performance combined with music that is already so emotion-charged truly brought the evening to a climax, and they artfully took advantage of that to truly treat the crowd. A four-song encore finished their set, including one feature performance from Tom Wisniewski of Mxpx on guitar and a solo cut of ‘My Reply’ from lead Kris Roe. They’re such a killer band, and with meaningful lyrics to back up their musical talent. It was a great show and i’m very glad i made it (thanx, Matt, for making me go!). I’ll definitely be watching for the Ataris next move here and shopping for Yellow Card’s new disc this summer!

Well, time to sleep for a few hours and then get up and go to work tomorrow. Such is my life! And i love it!

Belated St Paddys

Well, it’s a little after one and guess who just got out of bed? I’ll give you a hint… he’s taller than Tom Cruise, less annoying the Gilbert Gottfried, and blacker than Michael Jackson… okay, i give. It’s me. Anyway, i missed like 8 phone calls while i was sleeping, apologies to whoever that was. Gabe i know one of those was you – sorry man! you call at weird times! 😉

Kim is getting some mountain time, as the slopes close next weekend. Dunno where Josh is (it was Kim’s week to watch him, i swear!). So i’m home alone [scream and pinch face in hands] and there’s no one here to tell me i shouldn’t have a coke and two lemon zingers for breakfast…

Tonite is st paddy’s day with Lexie, Hillary and Molly. Now, i know what you’re thinking… ‘wasn’t st patrick’s day last month?’ Well, you’re correct there, but Lulu had the nerve to be deathly sick that day and missed all the fun, so we’re holding a rerun at kell’s (irish pub in post alley). Molly of course has ground rules, involving who gets to kiss who depending on what color they’re wearing and who she thinks looks the hottest in green. I read the rules twice, and i haven’t decided if i’m better off to be wearing or not wearing green… i think i might wear something green that’s not obvious so i can whip it out should it become advantageous. Either way, i expect to be there until well after closing time, just as i have every other time i’ve accompanied ‘the three vodkasteers’ to kell’s. 😉 And i expect it should be a wild time, as always. Anyone who’s bored tonite or isn’t feeling lucky lately, come join us in toasting Lulu! Slinte!

Most alarm clock sounds are unpleasant by definition

Ugh. Mondays suck.

So i have my radio set to C89.5, right. For you distant types, they play techno and house pretty much all the time, no commercials, it’s a great station. Perfect to wake up to. Except on monday mornings. Monday morning at 6am they have a 10 minute segment on current news, or some such rubbish. Only monday mornings, only at 6am. Otherwise, no talking, just wake-up-and-get-out-of-bed music. So guess what time my alarm goes off – you guessed it, 6am. Works great every other day, but monday morning, the day of the week i most need a good beat to get me on my feet (hmmm… that rhyme wasn’t intentional) i wake up to news. I don’t know about you, but the last thing i want to hear first thing in the morning is current events. It’s enough to make me want to stay in bed forever…

Speaking of current events, John S and his navy dispatch are underway starting this week until sometime in april. Sucks for him and his new wife (as of saturday) as they didn’t even get a honeymoon yet. Best of luck and safe travels to him, hopefully i’ll have something cool done to my car to show him when he returns. (So far most of the cool stuff is thanx to him). I’m sure he’ll get tired of playing ps2 in the radar room and be ready to get back on dry land by the time their tour is over. 😉

Weekend was good, tho, at least there’s that. Friday afternoon Mrs. Benjamin and i sorted thru my finances a bit, and she thinks she can help me make more sense out of it all. As if i don’t talk fast enough already, talking about my $ situation makes me stressed and i start to talk even faster, so i pretty much blabbed her ear off. Next time maybe i’ll take a sedative before we get into the discussion. Friday nite was Hillary M’s bday shindig. Ceces birthday was only a day away, too, so our gig was actually a double-party event. Being the hostess-with-the-mostess that she is, we all joined Hilly at her apt in Queen Anne for drinks and whatnot, then headed to Kell’s, an irish pub in Post Alley. After rollicking to some traditional and not-so-traditional irish tunes, and a few birthday spankings from the band, we closed the place up and headed back to Queen Anne. As super-hostess one more time, Hilly treated us to late nite grilled cheese (Hilly makes the best ones ever – and Molly says her tuna melts are to die for, as well, although i personally find tuna melts a little creepy. If Hilly’s making it, tho, i might give one a try, as i was most impressed with her grill cheese prowess). I crawled home a bit before 4, and then was up again at 8 so i could jet down to the storage locker in Renton with a few odds and ends, but not without a few advil and some unpleasant thoughts directed at my alarm clock. Then it was back in Ian’s garage for another Maxima session, this time with the correct springs – and not ford focus ones – thanx a bunch! :p It looks great now, and the ride is much improved. And no more scraping holes in the tranny pan going over manholes. You think i’m kidding? We had that to fix saturday, too… While i was over there, Ian assisted me with swapping out my car’s serpentine belt – it was about due – and i finally fixed the bloody taillights that have been driving me crazy – the turn signals were a different shade of red than the brakes. I know that sounds picky, but on my current budget that’s the kind of stuff i can afford to fix, so i’m gonna do it right! Anyway, got those things done along with a few other stray items. Also helped Patrick put his new Warpspeed Ypipe on, which i think sounds sweet but he thinks is too loud… whatever! It was a long day and i’m sore again, but Ian’s always appreciative of the help, and i learn a ton, so as Martha Stewart would say, “it’s a good thing.” Course that doesn’t have quite the same charm when she’s wearing an orange jumpsuit… 🙂

Sunday i installed a wireless network at the Benjamins’ house (thanx again you guys – you’re the best!) and Colleen, Josh, Kim and i tried out a new Thai place in the neighborhood – which turned out to be great. Josh brought home a takeout menu. 🙂 And then i made Kim and Colleen watch Zoolander, which i think is a really funny movie. Colleen thinks i’m a big dork for thinking so, but she lost a game of paper-rock-scissors and so now is officially the bigger dork. That movie just cracks me up – “i feel like i’m taking crazy pills!”. I’m still laughing today… on the inside.

Full schedule, fuller life

Technically, it’s still sept 29 for another 3 minutes. But i figure by the time i finish this it will be the 30th, so i’m gonna post-date it. Hey, i’m the boss here, it’s whatever i say, sahright? This working late at thriftway thing has kind of screwed up my sleep schedule (which was pretty irregular already). At about 9 i start thinking it’s bedtime, but then come 10:30 i’m wide awake and ready for another round. So i stay up late watching tv or surfing, or usually both at once, and find myself (like right now) sitting on the living room floor hunched over my laptop at the coffee table in the wee hours of the morning. You know, i think i actually do have a desk, but it’s piled so high with computer parts, post-it notes and paperwork that i’m not sure there’s still a desk under there. Plus, i can’t see the tv from there. And i think it’s a carried-over habit from the hotter summer months, when it was unbearable to sit anywhere near the west-facing windows – which is the precise location of said desk. Either way, i’m going to have a curved spine from always sitting over a laptop, to match my ulcers and those nice cavities i keep developing. It says “organ donor” on my driver’s license, but i have a feeling they’d be hard put to find any salvagable parts…

Speaking of thriftway, that is going well. I’ve settled down to 2-3 shifts a week, and they’re sometimes 4 hour stints, not always the 6 hour longies. Doing a 6 after doing 8+ at jls (John L Scott) that day really wipes me out. That reminds me – i was going to iron my shirts for thriftway tonite, so i wouldn’t have to do it tomorrow between jobs while i’m trying to wolf down dinner. Doh! Good thing it only takes one hand to microwave a pizza bagel, so i can iron with the other. Anyway, my coworkers at thriftway are turning out to be pretty cool, and i was even able to get the latter part of this coming week off. Why, you ask? Well…

…so i can head back to MT for a long weekend! I’ll be in Missoula wed nite sometime (probably late), spend thurs visiting family (and Ann!), and then on to Bozeman friday morning, to spend the weekend with Danielle and enjoy the homecoming festivities. Sara is flying back for the weekend, and everybody who’s anybody will come back to town for at least a little bit of it, so it should be a great chance to see everyone. I’ll try and take a zillion pictures, and i got all my dialup settings ready tonite for traveling, so i can keep you updated on my adventures. Probably won’t put the pix up until i get back, tho, cause… Hello! Dialup! I’m really excited to go back, to see Mom and Dad and the grandparents, and to see Danielle and meet her new kitten, Ferris, and to hang out in Bozeman as an alumni (i paid my alum association dues, baby!). It’s my first vacation since i went to Bozeman to pick up Danielle in may, and my first time driving the Max back to MT since i moved here last october. So i’m really jacked, i’ve already started packing, and i’m wishing and hoping and praying that the state of idaho hasn’t had a chance to gravel their roads yet…

Hot Latin beats

It’s sunday morning and i’m up before 8am, thanks to my overly-conscientious internal alarm clock. Doh! So much for catching up on sleep this weekend. You’d think since my body’s so tired, that same body wouldn’t wake itself up early on weekends when it could be sleeping in. Stupid biology, or whatever. I’m ok with being tired, tho, cause it’s worth it. Skyla and i went out dancing at the Back Door Ultralounge last night, had a blast. The DJ had a latin feel, a mix between acid mambo and very heavy salsa. Good intense beat, layered with trumpets and conga drums, and a full room with a thousand varieties of red light fixtures. We danced until we dropped, then caught some fast food in the wee hours before heading home to crash. It was one of those nights that reminds me why i moved here – i love this city! And thanks, Skyla, i look forward to the next time!