How can it be so cold in the mornings lately, and still my home office is a muggy sweatbox by 10pm? Weather is annoying.

Sent Clint and Christi home a bit ago, after spending the evening with them. Hadn’t seen them all summer, as they were in El Centro, CA (trans: the end of the earth) all summer, following Christi’s wildlife management internship. They just made it back to civilization the middle of this month. It’s great having them back in town, I missed them a lot. For those who weren’t paying attention, they both drive 300ZX’s like mine, and were one of the big reasons I joined the Nissan team in the first place. Their involvement, as well as JasonM’s (who also has a 300 in his ever-growing vehicle collection) gave me the confidence to buy my dream car, and the further aplomb to tackle the rebuild project last winter, as opposed to paying some shop a boatload of money to do it (or just sitting in the driver’s seat rocking and whimpering until the men in white coats and gloves took me away). So short story: they’re really important to me as friends and fellow Zed-heads, and i’m glad they’re home.

Talked with Mom for a bit too, tonite, keeping her up past her bedtime. She and Dad apparently think i tell you all too much about my personal life on this here website, so I’d just like to ask any readers out there who are stalkers, vampires, telemarketers, mormons, pantomimes or IRS agents to, uh, stop reading my website and, uh, take your buggy eyes elsewhere, you mashers! To the Swiss bankers and my friends in the Italian mafia, you are still of course encouraged to read the site daily, and as usual my numbered account where the deposits should be made is surreptitiously posted in the photo gallery.

I meant to say something last week when it was still current news, but huge congrats to Robin and Jim on their marriage this month (Sept 18th). I’m sorry i couldn’t be there in person, but i sincerely wish them nothing but superiffic lives together filled with wonderfulness and all the best life has to offer. They are both great people ( for those that don’t know them, trust me on this) and i predict they will do even more good for the world as a team than they have individually. Best wishes, you crazy kids!

One more bit of randomness before i put a sock in it for the nite. I found the last bit of pictures from Europe last year (i know, you’ve almost forgotten i did that, it was like forever ago!). A whole day of photos, from a trip into old-world Tuscany, to a great town called Siena. I’m gonna slap them into the photo gallery for you to enjoy, so gimme a few minutes and then go check out Streets of Siena, the Siena Duomo, the Siena Piazza and some random Siena Art & Architecture. An amazing, beautiful walled city with charm and history positively oozing out of the cobblestones. One of many places i would love to see again, and even more so would love to take you all there to enjoy it with me. So go peep those and pretend we’re planning a vacation together. 🙂