Seattle Streets Photoshoot – August 2009

A morning spent exploring Pioneer Square’s alleys and backstreets with Alex looking for photogenic things, places and moments. I love scenes of urban decay and south Seattle definitely has its share of that, but there are also some beautiful, well-preserved historic buildings along with nuggets of modern progressivism. The neighborhood really is a mixed bag, both architecturally and socially, and I think that’s what’s so appealing about it to me.

Gallery slideshow here.

Seattle Streets Photoshoot – June 2009

A walk around Seattle’s central shopping district and the Pike Place Market neighborhood with my buddy and fellow photographer Alex early on a Friday morning in June. We didn’t have a particular agenda, just to get on the street, feel the pulse of the city, and hopefully capture a few meaningful moments on (digital) film. Like the inefficient digital photographer I am, I shot several hundred frames and culled them down to the 41 shots in this gallery.

Gallery slideshow here.