Watching comedy central standup remix today, and counting down the days left that i have to get up at 5.15am for work (there are 10 alarm-clock-hating pre-sunrise mornings left, btw). I’m also counting down until i have an entire weekend off (three of those left), although i’m hoping i can shave that down even more once the in-training guys start working full shifts and i can convince everyone involved that they’re sufficiently qualified to let me slip out at noon. And if you think i’m too responsible to fudge that a bit, well, you haven’t worked a 12-hr shift on a saturday lately. 😉

John emailed me this week when Caltech’s prank visit to MIT during pre-frosh week made slashdot. I’ve actually been reading a lot of the previous hacks and pranks from both schools, and it’s all pretty entertaining. One of my favorites is an MIT dorm lobby turned discoteque with a USB-controlled dance floor and LED-lighted tiles. Must be really fun to go to a school like this, where anything you can dream up becomes a group challenge. I don’t know where the resources come from for projects like this; kids that make it to these schools must be smart and rich.

MIT isn’t the only place where crazy stuff happens after hours, though. Elsewhere in “the bay state” the turnpike system is hosting some scientific experimentation while dissing Mariah Carey (which is always fun, although not so challenging these days). New York has its fair share of creatively ambitious people as well, orchestrating giant vintage toys in public parks. Locally, Seattle hosts a traditional recurring prank in the monolith that – in a way only a west-coast city could muster – is so organized that it even has rules, although considering the lapse since last mention it may have died off as the people that remember that movie grew up and moved to the burbs. Thankfully these things are documented so people – like me – that didn’t live here then can enjoy authentic Seattle kitsch vicariously.

I’ve been struggling for the last few minutes to come up with a nice transition to this next link, but there’s just no doing it. It totally breaks my vintage-kitschy-smarties-hacks theme-o-the-day and shares nothing in subject or scope with what we’re discussing; i just happened to feel like talking about it today; it’s a purely chronological relationship. So enough pretending to link them; just click and have fun watching videos of industrial shredders trashing everything from aluminum cans and old tires to entire computers, boats and washing machines. It’s too much fun. Think about something you hate (that crummy printer at work, the ugly tarp-covered car that’s always parked at QFC, the EMP) and envision it getting stuffed in there and torn to bits. Fun! Putting one of those on my when-i-win-the-lotto shopping spree list, so i can buy a whole lot full of PT Cruisers and stuff them in there one after another.