It’s just a little after midnight and i’m getting home – two late nites in a row – no wonder i’ve needed so much coffee at work! No regrets, tho, as i was busy enjoying myself! Matt convinced me a few weeks ago to buy a ticket to a punk concert at the Showbox. I decided i could afford it (you’re only young once, right?) and I actually ended up finding a good deal on the newest disc from the headlining band, The Ataris, and have been enjoying it for the past few weeks.

Standing in line on the sidewalk before the show, i was beginning to wonder if i wanted to be there. I was tired after working all day, it was a bit cold and rainy standing out there, and i didn’t seem to have the energy that all high-school kids bouncing around the sidewalk did. A guy was walking up and down the line looking for extra tickets he could buy, and at one point he came by offering $40 for a ticket. Now, if you’ve looked at the pic of my ticket you’ll see i only paid 15… well, $16.50 with handling fee. I had already told myself if somone offered me 50 i would take it and go home and listen to the cd again. I almost took the 40. But i stuck it out, and Matt and Michelle showed up, and we made our way in and retreated to the bar to avoid the throngs of teenagers.

The first band was excellent, Yellowcard, a great punk gang with a ska-like twist in their violin player. Freakishly energetic and a very fun group, their new cd comes out in july, i’m going to be watching for it. The second act’s name was lost on me, as was their performance. They just hopped around and screamed a lot randomly. Not that i’m inherently against a yelling vocal style – Linkin Park – one of my favorite bands – comes to mind as a counterexample. These guys just weren’t together and the beat kept getting lost in the shuffle (and the screaming). Judging by their subdued mingling the crowd seemed to agree with me. The third group, The Juliana Theory, is what the second act aspired to be: screamers with rhythm. They were much more organized and a tighter group. Some great harmonies from the Bo Duke (as in: of Hazzard) lookalike, too.

After a substantial delay and a small amount of showmanship, the Ataris finally took the stage and made all the waiting outside worth it. A dynamic, intense performance combined with music that is already so emotion-charged truly brought the evening to a climax, and they artfully took advantage of that to truly treat the crowd. A four-song encore finished their set, including one feature performance from Tom Wisniewski of Mxpx on guitar and a solo cut of ‘My Reply’ from lead Kris Roe. They’re such a killer band, and with meaningful lyrics to back up their musical talent. It was a great show and i’m very glad i made it (thanx, Matt, for making me go!). I’ll definitely be watching for the Ataris next move here and shopping for Yellow Card’s new disc this summer!

Well, time to sleep for a few hours and then get up and go to work tomorrow. Such is my life! And i love it!