I’m finally posting something after more than 20 days, but don’t expect this to be the catch-up post that explains everything noteworthy that’s happened in October. So much of this month has been events worthy of their own post that it just wouldn’t do them justice to breeze through them in bullet points. I did want to explain, though, that I’ve migrated all of my various sites to new hosting in October due to some things I didn’t like about how the previous host was managing them (more on that later). Moving the domain names and all the data has taken a long time – longer than I had wanted – especially because it wasn’t a planned, well-coordinated move. It was more the sort of move passengers on the steerage deck make if they’re lucky enough to be near an unlocked porthole when they hear the call to abandon ship.

Anyway, beware of broken links, weird errors and other migration hiccups as I manually go through every page and file looking for configuration changes. I’m learning that I may have been depending on my previous setup a little too much and I need to design in a more modular and universal way so migrations are simpler – something I’ve known but been lazy about in using the same hosting platform for the past 10 years. Unless you see a grossly overlooked error don’t bother pointing them out right now… might already be on my list. 🙂