Okay, ladies and germs, here’s your cool tech toy for the day. New fun things from the nice people at Google! Yes, as if the Froogle, language tools, and Gmail weren’t enough, those Google kids are hard at work bringing the world’s trendiest and most-useful search engine to your mobile phone. Yes, i know you can hit their search engine via your WAP browser if you’ve got a new-ish phone that has one of those. But this is even handier and more accessible – check out Google SMS!.

Now we all now how much i love SMS anyway, and this is just another great way to use it. You can send a message to “46645” (spells “GOOGL” on the phone, right?) with a query for a business listing – “Starbucks 98101” or “Kenneth Cole Seattle WA” – a residential listing – “Donald Trump New York NY” – a price listing from Froogle – “price simpsons dvd season 4” or simply “f simpsons dvd season 4” (the ‘f’ is for Froogle) – or a dictionary definition – “define thermonuclear” or simply “d thermonuclear”. Use it as a calculator and unit converter – “60 lbs in kg” or “half a cup in teaspoons” or “250 * 20%” – or look up an area code – “406” – or a zipcode – “90210”. If you get lost, just send a message that says “help” or for more specifics, “froogle help”, etc. and you’ll get a reply with more details. I just think that’s freakin slick, and i’m gonna be using it all the time. That unlimited SMS plan is really gonna pay off! 🙂 Those smart people at Google have really outdone themselves this time!