Greenwood Car Show – June 2016

Seafair season is officially upon us (I think my favorite time of the year, possibly edging out even Christmas) as the Greenwood neighborhood opens their doors and closes their streets for the city’s largest car show. Per usual, there are always a few interesting cars that I wouldn’t consider “hot rods” in the traditional sense and the show seems to get a little more diverse every year. Props to the local Mini Cooper club for showing up in force this year! Also, once of the nicest DeLoreans I’ve ever seen, with just the right amount of Back to The Future kitsch.

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Shoreline Parade – August 2010

Danielle and I walked to the end of our block Saturday morning, grabbed coffee and breakfast at Browns Coffee‘s new shop in our neighborhood (side note: an awesome and welcome addition to North City) and watched the Shoreline neighborhood Parade, one of the last bits trickling out of Seafair 2010’s month-long event lineup. It was a small affair but had all the key local parade ingredients: lots of kids in marching bands, Seafair clowns and pirates, fire trucks, local schools and churches, political candidates, sidewalk vendors and kids elbowing through the crowd mobbing for candy. I swapped on the telephoto lens and got a few shots which are posted below. This one of Wahoo the clown swarmed in bubbles is my favorite.

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Seafair Weekend – August 2010

My awesome parents spent the week in Seattle, and as Danielle is in Toronto for the weekend with Jordan I had them all to myself for the past few days. They are two of my best friends and I am so lucky to have the relationship with them that I do. I know it’s a rare arrangement between parents and children that we have and I cherish it; I soak up every day and appreciate every chance I have to know them better as friends, confidants, mentors and equals. I also love to spoil them now that they are enjoying their retirement, and especially when they are in my town and I can show them the best of it. What better week to do that than Seafair week? It’s the height of Seattle summer (sun sometimes optional) and one of my favorite times to be a Seattleite. .

We raced up to the Smith Tower observation level Thursday afternoon, hoping to catch the Navy’s Blue Angels practice laps over the city. While we missed the aeronautics show the view from the 35th floor was pretty great, and I can never get enough urban aerial photography. Friday we took a picnic to Madison Park to catch some Blue Angel fly-overs and people-watch, and Saturday we joined the crowds of raingear-covered fans in Genesee Park for another, much closer look at the air show, the hydro races and the general mayhem that is Seafair. Someday I’ll get them on the lake for the truly authentic experience, and hopefully that someday will be soon and a little sunnier than today, but Mom and Dad are great sports – game for anything and easy to please – and we had an awesome adventure together. I took a few marginal pictures of the air show through the binoculars that I posted, along with a lot of Seattle’s streets from 35 floors above Yesler Wy, and a few shots of the two greatest people I’ve been blessed to share this life with. Thanks for a great weekend, you two!

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My Big Fat Seafair Weekend

Yet another weekend of Seattle’s amazing floating festival has made me even more sure I definitely need a boat of some sort, no matter how ugly, slow or ancient it ends up being. If you live near Seattle and have never been on Lake Washington for Seafair weekend, you really aren’t a true Seattleite. Everyone finds a way onto the lake for the weekend, in everything from massive yachts to fishing boats, from antique paddleboats to inflatable dinghys.

I pulled my phone out a few times for pictures, especially of the crazy exodus under the I-90 floating bridge, but most of what happens at Seafair needs to stay at Seafair, so I kept it stowed most of the time. Also, there’s a lot of water flying around – via squirt guns and water ballons, and once even from the upturned props of a yacht determined to win a water fight. Next year I might actually remember to buy a couple disposables. Anyway, enjoy the couple of shots I took of the incredibly fun chaos that is Seafair. Huge thanks to my boat-owning friends for letting me tag along this year! Next year I hope to tie my own up alongside yours. 🙂








Seafair and a fun run

The first sentence is always the hardest. I don’t wanna dive right in with “i won the lottery today” or “new pix posted of Clint eating worms” – it’s like starting a telephone call with “i need to borrow your hockey mask” without prefacing with “hello, how are you?” But it seems kind of empty sometimes, or forced, when i have to say “here it is tuesday already!” or “what a busy week” or “sorry it took me so long to write something”. Probably a happy medium in there somewhere… whatever.

SeaFair ruled hard core, got a tan and had a super time on the boat saturday. Saw some hydros zipping around, lost a few decibels of hearing watching the blue angels fly right over the boat, swam around in the lake. Lake Washington looked like MTV spring break all weekend, packed shore-to-shore with every sort of watercraft (rowboats to tugboats, and some of the most incredible yachts i’ve ever seen) draped in streamers, plastic palm trees and budweiser banners. Thousands of abercrombie-catalog kids jumping in the lake, cheering and waving their beer, or ducking flying water balloons. Definitely a great Seattle tradition!

Sunday was the fun run for the Boys & Girls Club with the ZCCW (Z Car Club of Washington). Clint and i took the tops off his Z and burned thru a whole tank of gas boosting around the corners on the windy country roads. It was a perfect summer day for a road course and we all had a great time! I have some pix (some pretty and some silly) that i’ll get together for ya.

Josh’s gallery opening is this friday, from 5-7pm, at Caffe Fiore in Ballard. It’s his first public show – Kim and i are so proud of him! 😉 Anyone who’s anyone will be there to show support and check out his artistic works – see you there!

Seafair marvels

Had a great nite on the boat with Dawn and Kim, and we hit up happy hour at the Whale Maker for a great deal on seafood and drinks! Authentic and tasty!

Check out Brad Brace’s 12-hour project, he’s been posting a black and white photo (usually a city scene) every 12 hours since december 1994! That’s dedication…

Had a great time watching the Mariners thrash Detroit wednesday nite with my favorite paper monkey, Julia. Her company seats are awesome and we had a ton of fun – thanx for inviting me, J!

Lindsay and Adam are starting to build their website (mercifully, the long-since-exhausted ‘coming march 2002’ banner has finally come down). So in addition to amusing pictures of their cats, you can now enjoy Lindsay’s blog ramblings and links to things they deem worthy (i predict it will be heavy on cat toys manufacturers and TiVo hacking forums).

The Blue Angels have been scaring the royal rastafarian nay-nays off of the populace all day. A couple of the low runs over west seattle shook the house like a quake, rattling the windows and creaking the floors. In their path they left barking dogs, crying babies, wailing car alarms, and a wide swath of white painting the blue sky. Well, kinda blue sky, not so blue around the edges as it’s been several weeks since any rain and the 5-year-record-high temps (low 90s) aren’t helping anyone conserve energy. Hopefully the haze won’t conceal the air show all weekend…

I for one (and i don’t think i’m alone in this) totally love this part of SeaFair, and practically get the giggles every time a dark blue fighter jet roars over my house, or banks past the downtown highrises. My big thrill is the juxtaposition of such disparate things, seeing (and feeling!) military jets circling the city or watching the huge warships dock downtown – sometime tomorrow the navy fleet is supposed to arrive and fill up harbor island with massive gray armaments. Then all day saturday we’ll be partying on the lake, watching the hydro races and throwing water balloons at passing pleasure yachts. It’s gonna be a great weekend! SeaFair rocks! 😀

Just playing with toys

My Homestar Runner figurines arrived two days ago, but i’ve been so busy since then i haven’t even had a chance to tell you about them! Augh! 🙂

Last nite we took the boat all the way around Mercer Island, with a small detour on the south end of the island for Kim to take advantage of some great waterskiing conditions. The sunset over the city from the lake was incredible! And we almost got swamped by a seaplane about 10 times as we were crossing Lake Union in search of dinner. So that was pretty fun. 😉 And check out the killer tape collection of Kirby’s i found hiding on the bookshelf at home – makes a great boat soundtrack, doncha think?

Weekend’s almost here, tonite is (finally) payday, so things are looking up there, too! Saturday Steph hooked me up with an extra spot in their company’s box at the drag races (sweet!) and then sunday she and i are headed to portland for the international brew fest thingy, and to cross paths with Zach & Brandy. Also, saturday nite i’m headed out with the team for Clint’s bday. And friday nite is the torchlite parade downtown, the start of SeaFair week. So i predict this weekend will fly by and i totally won’t be ready for monday… 😉 And then next week is SeaFair, fun in the sun, baby! Gonna live on the lake for a week! 😀

So, enough delay already, let’s talk about the Homestar figurines! If you live under a rock or in a cave or something and haven’t watched the toons on the web, you better go do it right now! Seriously, the guys that make these, Mike & Matt, are really clever, and the stuff is completely out there and super funny. Strong Bad reading his email is one of the best features, and the Teen Girl Squad shorts are hilarious! So i ordered the whole figurine set the day i heard they were released on fark. They’re really sweet, i’m totally impressed with the quality and accuracy. Plus they’re kewl! They also came with a hand signed thank-you from Mike and Matt, pretty sweet. For your enjoyment, i also have Strong Bad and The Cheat taking a roadtrip in the Viper and Strong Bad rollin’ in style in the Nissan 350Z. I know you’re totally jealous, and wish you had been the first person to get them! 😀


Here i am, my first day at John L Scott! So far i’m running around like crazy, learning a lot and meeting more people than i’m ever going to be able to remember. It seems like it will be a good place, and i’m definitely going to learn a great deal from my colleagues here in the IT department. I’ll expound once my parents and Danielle have left (tuesday morning – that’s tomorrow) and i’m looking for something to do after work!

It was kind of a whirlwind trip for Mom and Dad, but it was so great for me to have them here! We had a great time, did some Seattle things (like Seafair) and also spent some quality time lounging on the patio. Spending time with them always reminds me how much i miss them – i wish they lived closer!