Bored at work today? Tired of sitting in your cubicle alone? Need to stretch your legs, shake your thang, get your groove on? Check out Stealth Disco! Bored office employees like yourself bring the spirit of the 70’s to the workplace, in secret or in public! Next time you’re standing in the back of a time-wasting meeting or behind your boss at the stockholders presentation, break into some jivin’ disco action… it’s guaranteed to make you smile.

In other news, if you thought your cell phone bill was high, be glad you’re not some guy whose at&t wireless bill this month was for $39,000. Maybe he needs a plan with more minutes? 😉 Actually, someone stole his identity and signed up several more lines, started calling Nigeria with them. Just one more reason why you should shred your bills and receipts before you throw them away… yikes.

On the personal front, my car loan got funded today, and i’m working on reservations for a hotel in Medford, OR. If all goes as planned, i’ll be a Z owner by sunday nite – wish me luck! I’ve been breaking into fits of glee every time i think about turbos and blow off valves and t-tops. Hopefully i’ll be able to contain myself and my drooling and whimpering long enough to negotiate a price with the guy and sign a bill of sale with some semblance of adult behavior… 😉