san francisco

San Francisco – February 2011

Finished off what is always a motivating, rejuvenating office visit with my team in San Ramon with a mini-vacation in the City by the Bay, one of my new favorite US destinations. Cara joined me just in time for the weekend, and Michelle and Brian generously offered to serve as hosts and tourguides, taking us through a sampling of SF’s exotic cuisines, dive bars, swanky patios and world-famous tourist attractions. The weather was in the 99th percentile, fantastic and sunny like the Fourth of July in the middle of February, and the city’s welcome was as warm as the sunshine, from the friendly local faces to the available front-door parking spots at seemingly every venue. Cara and I had an incredible time together, further cementing our shared belief that we would make excellent co-hosts for our own travel show, and Michelle and Brian kept us enthralled with their city and doubled over laughing until the moment we hugged them goodbye. It was an epic weekend, one I will remember fondly forever, and I hope the pictures capture at least a sliver of that feeling for everyone that flips through the gallery.

You can also download this Google Earth file to see all the places we visited.

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San Francisco – April 2010

Rachel and I managed to overlap our travel schedules enough during a week in San Francisco for the ad:tech conference that we had an afternoon free together in the city to get sneezed on in the Tenderloin, drink expensive hipster coffee, laugh at tourists riding the trolley but still pose with it ourselves, and take pictures of each other inside of a mall. I spent more time post-processing these shots than I usually do, partly as an excuse to learn Lightroom (which I still find frustrating, probably because I’m using it wrong) and partly because I was particularly inspired by many of them. SF is an interesting and photogenic place.

Gallery slideshow is here