I’ve been taking a lot of photos lately, mostly of cars, so maybe that’s why i have them on the brain. Or perhaps because i read Boing Boing a lot and Cory, Xeni and co. frequently dig up the photographic gems of the interweb and post links for me to click on. Come to think of it, a lot of my daily reads are photography-heavy, i suppose because there are only so many mediums through which i can be digitally influenced and with my solid distaste for websites that make noise that leaves lush photography, witty prose and off-kilter cartoons as the only possible ways to reach a creative hand out from the flickering orb and hijack my attention.

That said, i’d love to show you all the amazing photographs i’ve been taking lately as i walk to work, explore the city or sit staidly watching passersby. Except that i don’t do any of those things, and i’m feeling the limits of a point-and-shoot camera (albiet a pretty flexible one) and that’s holding me back from taking a lot of photos myself. If someone wants to buy me a nice DSLR i would be happy to fill my web hosting space with snappy photos to amuse and delight you, perhaps even Polaroid-o-nized for your viewing pleasure (check that out, seriously, it’s the coolest thing i’ve seen in a while). While i’m waiting for your gift order from Amazon, though, you’ll just have to enjoy other people’s photographic adventures instead of mine.

I’m all into old Russian stuff lately, so in that vein i’ve got some abandoned Russian buildings and some propaganda posters that i, at least, enjoy perusing. There are actually some Cuban and Czech commies represented there, too. I just find this stuff so creepily intriguing.

A photo montage under my direction wouldn’t be complete without some pictures of cars, natch. So let’s click over to the Henry Ford Museum and peep all the vintage cars, crazy motors and vintage american kitsch. Apparently Henry also has a large collection of dresses and women’s shoes… interesting.

A museum is fun, and while i’ve certainly been known to swipe through one camera in hand, what really turns my crank are the shots that aren’t manufactured for you by a display designer but that come from your own unique (trans: weird) view of the world. That’s why i really enjoy Brian McCarty‘s work – in addition to the obvious name similarities (did you notice both of us share surnames with Phoenix Suns players? how crazy is that?) his work inserting toys into real life situations is exactly the kind of thing i’d waste countless gigs of digital film trying to duplicate. Or maybe i’d just build myself a girlfriend out of legos and take glamour shots of her all day. I mean really, how many more examples do you need of what a great photographer i’d be with the right equipment? Go buy me that camera already! It’s not like i’m asking for a 4 billion pixel camera or anything, although that would certainly be cool. Check out the landscape shots at the bottom of the gallery – wowza! That’s some serious detail.

Anyway, that’s my pitch. I hope i’ve convinced you that every second you don’t buy me a new camera is another second you’re depriving the internet of the large-aperture action figure photography it so desperately needs. Now it looks to be a nice day today (perfect for exploring the city with a camera… ahem) but i guess i’ll go to work and maybe later i’ll invite some athletic friends to the park and we’ll play soccer and make ice cream.