Keeping myself amused.

Full and happy after lunch, things are quiet – nothing is beeping or flashing – leaving me to ponder what’s happening on Fark today and shop for nerd-gear at NTKmart. That and watch this creepy feature on CNN about all these people who dress up as lady liberty (blue face and all) and pose with tourists in NYC. Apparently it’s all the rage in the big apple right now. That, and iPods.

In the interest of amusing yourself today, check out Danielle, this one is for you.

On the home front, looks like JasonT will be moving in as roomie #3 sometime in the next couple of weeks, as Christian leaves for Germany (yes, again. no, i don’t know either. you’re going to have to ask him). I think this will be a great arrangment as Kim and i already know and like Jason, he needs a place right when we have one available (very fortuitous), all his furniture is already moved in (we’ve been using/storing/saving his stuff while he was in NYC) and it saves Kim and i from having to interview strangers who might have been drug addicts, vampires, mormons, or worse. As far as we know, Jason is none of these things. Plus, it will be cool to have a good professional colleague such as him around – i really enjoyed that about JoshH as a roommate. We were able to collaborate on contract projects and whatnot as well as motivate each other, and i think Jason and i will have that same opportunity, which i’m excited about. Also, i’ll have somebody to play TimeSplitters2 with again… 🙂

In some ways, it’s really coming together.

March already! I’m so not ready. Especially the part where Kim and i have to pay the rent by ourselves… really not ready for that!

Mom and Dad made it safely home today, i really enjoyed their company for the weekend. They’re good for me in so many ways, such good coaches and guides in so many areas of my life. Plus they’re pretty fun to have around! 😉 I’m very thankful to have so much quality time with them. I just watched a commercial about lung cancer or something, about a family losing their mother early. I’m so lucky having them both around, and that they’re so happy and helpful and generous!

Dad and i accomplished a lot assembling my motor – which was the official purpose of their trip. The pistons are in, the heads are on, and all the weird little hoses and pipes we could figure out are installed – at least the ones that don’t interfere with installing the oil pan. Some ordering snafus prevented the crankshaft bearings from showing up in time, so we weren’t able to tackle the bottom end, but that isn’t a terrible lot of work. I’m excited to see how much it’s starting to look like a motor! And i really appreciate Dad’s help this weekend, and Eric’s as well – he spent a good part of saturday helping us build the top end.

We had a great time throwing a bday party for Kim saturday nite, Mark on the turntables, Rich filling the house with balloon animals, Kim in her trucker cap signed by everyone… an excellent time had by all. I have a couple pics i’ll work on for ya.

In our efforts to be more qualified hosts, Kim and i decorated a bit this past week and straightened up. We’re trying to fill the gaps left by Josh’s furniture. Can’t fill the gap left by Josh, but we can at least hang up some new pictures! 😉 I finally framed the very cool paintings of my Z Miguel gave me for Christmas. They look really great above the TV next to my stoplight lamp from ikea.

Not that i carry a lot of them around, but apparently the new 20’s explode in the microwave because they contain the same tracker chips retail stores use to keep those punk kids from shoplifting. So if you’re a person who carries a lot of cash in your wallet, you might be wise to wrap your new bills in tin foil. As a bonus, you’ll feel really cool in the checkout line.

He also took the doormat

Need to do something useful at work today, thot i’d post a bit. I’m at the laurelhurst office, one of my fav’s, and their stuff was all easy fixes today, so i’m killing time. I have an appt with a consulting firm in belltown in an hour and some change, hopefully they can find some decent work for me. I really want a different job to drive to once the Z is back on the road again. Cause i really don’t think i’m gonna wanna drive the Sentra for quite a while once i have a choice again, but at the same time i’m not putting 70-80 miles a day on the Z carrying stupid computers around. Quite the conundrum…

Really missing the DSL, hope qwest comes thru on their promise of mar1 for a re-hookup date. Kim and i are both going thru heavy withdrawals. We distracted ourselves last nite by cleaning the house, moving furniture, hanging pictures, doing dishes, taking out the recycling, and basically just making the place feel like our own. Josh’s remaining presence is a few pieces of furniture in the sun room, he’s cleared out pretty much everything else. The rug has kinda been pulling itself out from under us all month as Josh packs things up – although, ironically, he’s actually leaving the rugs. Come home and remove your coat, headed for the hall tree, only to find it is missing. The paper towels are rolling around on the counter, because the towel holder is gone. And the weirdest one, that took me a while to figure out: a brita water filter sitting in a glass of water on the counter… because the pitcher is absent.

So thursday nite Mom and Dad will start their westward drive, to arrive here by friday noonish. I hope to have the last of my parts by about that time, too, and have all the tools rented that i’ll need for the weekend (cylinder honer, ring compressor). It should all be downhill after that. Somewhere in those 4 days i need to also balance in a bit of fun and relaxation for them, as i don’t want them to come all this way just to work all weekend. And i know Mom’s going to harass me for not eating right / exercising / sleeping enough / going to the doctor for my stress-induced peptic ulcers, so i need to start bracing myself for a whole weekend of motherly guilt. Cause, you know, i don’t stress about my life enough already… 😉

Belated St Paddys

Well, it’s a little after one and guess who just got out of bed? I’ll give you a hint… he’s taller than Tom Cruise, less annoying the Gilbert Gottfried, and blacker than Michael Jackson… okay, i give. It’s me. Anyway, i missed like 8 phone calls while i was sleeping, apologies to whoever that was. Gabe i know one of those was you – sorry man! you call at weird times! 😉

Kim is getting some mountain time, as the slopes close next weekend. Dunno where Josh is (it was Kim’s week to watch him, i swear!). So i’m home alone [scream and pinch face in hands] and there’s no one here to tell me i shouldn’t have a coke and two lemon zingers for breakfast…

Tonite is st paddy’s day with Lexie, Hillary and Molly. Now, i know what you’re thinking… ‘wasn’t st patrick’s day last month?’ Well, you’re correct there, but Lulu had the nerve to be deathly sick that day and missed all the fun, so we’re holding a rerun at kell’s (irish pub in post alley). Molly of course has ground rules, involving who gets to kiss who depending on what color they’re wearing and who she thinks looks the hottest in green. I read the rules twice, and i haven’t decided if i’m better off to be wearing or not wearing green… i think i might wear something green that’s not obvious so i can whip it out should it become advantageous. Either way, i expect to be there until well after closing time, just as i have every other time i’ve accompanied ‘the three vodkasteers’ to kell’s. 😉 And i expect it should be a wild time, as always. Anyone who’s bored tonite or isn’t feeling lucky lately, come join us in toasting Lulu! Slinte!

And really, there’s no breakfast

There’s an episode of Friends where Rachel and Monica lock themselves out of their apartment. It’s a thanksgiving episode. On their way out the door Monica says ‘got the keys?’ but Rachel interprets it as ‘got the keys.’ (no question mark). So the turkey burns, and Rachel misses her flight, and it’s the ‘worst thanksgiving ever.’ Well, apparently life does imitate art. 😉

Kim and i decided last nite about 6 to go run a few miles on the beach. It was a perfect evening, we felt great afterward, and headed home to find some dinner, clean the house up a bit, and relax. Kim drove us down to the beach, so i’d left my keys at home. She thought i had house keys so she just grabbed her car keys, that was it. We came home to find ourselves totally and completely locked out! Josh was gone at a soccer game until after 9.

We tried picking the locks, but a large screwdriver and a bobby pin weren’t really the right tools. We tried opening a basement window, but then figured the basement door was probably locked, so all that would get us is locked in the basement. After getting tired of the strange looks from the neighbors, we drove around a bit, ending up at thriftway where (yay for technology) i used my fingerprint to buy us some dinner at the deli, since neither of us had a wallet, either. After leaving Josh a message to call us when he got home (he needs a wireless phone! augh!) we headed to Fremont, where Jason and Julia were kind enough to take us in (you guyz rock!). We played ps2 and ate ice cream with them (still in our workout clothes) until Josh finally got home about 9:30. Btw, breyer’s mint white chocolate – really good. So that was our little adventure last night. Kim’s pretty sure she’ll never live it down, and i’m pretty sure i’m going to drive next time we go to the beach. 😀

In other news, Annie D gets here tonite to visit for a few days from portland – sweet! We’re gonna party it up in Seattle all weekend, it’s gonna be great! Then Danielle will swing through town on monday nite for a job interview at Alaska Airlines (good luck, kid!). Once again, i’m running a bed-and-breakfast, but at least this time i have the extra room! 🙂

Unpacked is relative

Hey, i’m moved in! Well, okay, so there’s this whole room full of boxes that i haven’t even made a dent in… but i got it all in the house! Now i just need to clean out the old apt, and then it’s serious unpacking time, soooo many things to figure out. It’s going to be great, though; i’m already really enjoying Josh and Kim as roomies, they’re supa-cool and very gracious. Steph has been a huge help this weekend – thanx Steph, you totally rock! – with everything from lugging boxes around to volunteering her Blazer for big stuff to helping me pick out a Sten at Ikea (that’s a bookshelf). She’s a practicing believer in moving karma, and her assistance shall not go unrewarded! 😉

Talked with Christian while i was hanging clothes in the closet last nite. He was just getting out of bed for a day of skiing in Austria. His prospects to extend his contract are still looking good, as are mine to visit him. Despite not being able to get Ben & Jerry’s there, he’s really enjoying Garmisch, although the European dating scene is apparently a little winky. I know he must be keeping busy with work and a social life, because he’s been there since july and his wardrobe still hasn’t doubled in size… 😀

Telegrams, carrier pigeon and smoke signals are OK too.

Gabe called me this morning while i was in the shower. Obviously, i didn’t answer the phone… but i did call him back. He was supposed to ship out to texas or somewhere with the Air Force today, but he’s been bumped back a week. So i guess that’s another week of me not getting any sleep. 🙂 It may turn out to be more than a week, in which case i’ll enlist him for another civic duty… helping me move! I’m hoping to get a key on the 23rd (which reminds me, i should call the new roomies – Josh and Kim – and make sure that’s okay) and i don’t plan on giving any more money to the dilapidated chaos that is my apartment building. I’m moving to a great house that’s only about a mile away, closer to the downtown-y part of West Seattle (the Junction district). The only thing the new place doesn’t have is a garage, but i don’t have that now, so no biggie. Oh, and i guess it doesn’t have a dishwasher. But i’ll happily trade that in for the washer and dryer in the basement. No more quarters – yeess! I’m excited to move, Josh and Kim are very cool, and my bedroom’s on the ground floor, so i don’t have to carry anything up any stairs! [sigh of relief]

For those of you that actually have my landline number, might as well throw it away, as i’m likely dropping it. I’ll get an email out to everyone with the new addy this week, or just drop me a line and i’ll send it to you (if, perchance, you want to send me a housewarming gift or something…). I actually got my cell working again yesterday, thanks to a great deal on ebay. So my phone broke last week, totally dead, couldn’t even get it to pick up a signal. And no, it wasn’t something i did! [scowl] Verizon wanted 20 bucks for a new one if i signed a 2 year contract, or 50 bucks with a 1 year extension. Well i found the same phone (just as new) on ebay for 52 (shipped) with no contract extension. And then on the phone with them switching the ESNs, they tried to get me to take an unlimted text messaging plan that would have extended my contract a year. Um, how about NO. Yeah, so i digress. But it works again, so call me there. Or email me from here. Or whatever. Just try not to be so uncommunicative, m-kay? Slackers…

This most is largely mail and/or address related.

Another weekend gone by so quickly! I guess if i was out of bed a little earlier than one, i might have more time to do things, tho…

Talked with Christian today – it had been since before the holidays since we chatted. I tried calling him last night (sunday morning, his time) but he was in Austria, skiing. Rough. Life always sounds like a blast on his end. I really really hope i’m able to make it across the pond for a visit while he’s still there. He’s thinking about going back to school in Bellingham, as there’s a program he’s interested in there, when he returns to the states. That’d be great, i’d love to have him so close! And we’re going to figure out this whole international SMS thing, so we can chat randomly throughout the day and he can tell me about all the exciting stuff he’s doing, while he’s doing it.

Went to a party last nite at Josh and Kim’s. Met a bunch of their friends, some Amazon cronies and some soccer teammates, a couple of relatives and some people from montana! A great time had by all, Josh’s parties are right up my alley. Which will work out great, since i’ll be their roommate in about 3 weeks! Super jacked about that, a room in a great 3-bedroom house and it’ll save me $300 a month – which can go right into the debt-payoff fund. And i’ll have a real washer and dryer, and i can work on my car in the driveway whenever i want without getting yelled at! Oh, for joy! Look for a big here’s-my-new-address-everyone email sometime soon.

In address-related news, i tried to get a post office box in West Seattle this week (cause i’m tired of my mail getting lost or not forwarded). Turns out there’s a several-month waiting list for a PO box! Augh! Guess no one else in West Seattle gets their mail, either… 😉 So much for that, guess i’ll remain at the mercy of the postal service.

Well, that’s all my anecdotes for today. My pint of Ben & Jerry’s is starting to melt, and since i can’t eat it and type at the same time, well… you can see where my priorities are. 😀