Watched that new reality tv show with all the people trying to work for donald trump tonite. There’s an hour of my life i’ll never get back. Josh came home from dinner with friends, one of those friends being Tammy from the show. The one from Seattle – duh. Pretty trippy that we were watching her on tv while Josh was eating dinner with her. Must be what it’s like to live in hollywood – seeing people you know inside the talking box.

Speaking of Josh, he’s a big loser and told us tonite he’s moving. Not until the end of february, but still. Kim and i are going to be forced to hate him for throwing a monkeywrench into our already busy lives. Hopefully i can at least get my car back before then. I really don’t want to move, it’s so much work, and oh, right… the whole not-having-a-car thing. Makes it really hard to apartment shop. But Kim and i can’t afford this place by ourselves, unless we both get second jobs, and maybe even not then. I already think i need a second job just to afford life right now.

Another package from stupid ups that got bounced today. Those people can’t do anything right. I used to think getting things delivered was fun. It’s not.

So that’s fun.

Gonna spend all weekend working on the new motor. At least i have the motor, and it looks to be ok. So i’m going to be busy. And continue to have no social life, and be a huge stressball.

Neat. How was your day?