Sunday night and the weekday’s almost here already. Of course, i didn’t get out of bed today until almost 2pm, so today did feel kind of short… 😉 Heh heh… that was awesome. Anyway, here’s the weekend update – can’t guarantee it will be as funny as Jimmy Fallon and Tina Faye’s. Friday: drinks with John at the airport (rating: 10), heinous airport parking fees (rating: 0), crappy day at work (rating: -1), dinner of Ben & Jerry’s (rating: 8). Saturday: shopping with Clint & Christi (rating: 7 – would have been higher if we’d had any money to buy stuff), taking Steph to laser eye surgery appointment (rating: 6 – plugged into iPod in waiting room, got a nice nap in, finished the crossword), 80s party at Dave’s (rating: 8 – did the moonwalk and the running man, enjoyed hot melted cheese dip and Pop Rocks). Sunday: get up at 2pm (rating: 9), grilled cheese and old Matthew Broderick movie with Josh and Steph (rating: 7 – War Games never gets less entertaining, but the dishes are still in the sink), coffee with Steph on the beach (rating: 7 – beautiful sunny afternoon, although starbucks was out of white chocolate syrup), sitting around with Josh filling our sketchbooks – his with CD artwork mockups, mine with cartoons (rating: 8 – cause Josh is very supportive and keeps telling me i’m not completely devoid of talent). Now we’re watching melodramatic cop shows on cbs and, well… doing this. And i think the dishes can wait until the morning. No sense cluttering up an “8.6” weekend with low-rated chores. 😉