Why I loved Portal 2: First of all, it’s the tone – weird, dark humor pulled from a made-up-yet-plausible history of creepy scientific research funded by shadowy organizations – and then it’s the setting – a gorgeous, stunning, massive set of worlds that had me stopping to marvel at the epic industrial complexes built in the name of make-believe science and also left my head spinning as I flew across them like a tennis ball in a tumble dryer. The physics match the mood – lighthearted yet challenging – and the goofball characters, both AI and avatar, add to the wacky fun. The puzzles at times are so frustrating it can incite you to controller-throwing violence but the sweet rush of victory when the most obvious solution finally presents itself to you and a level is unlocked more than balance out the earlier vitriol with heady endorphins and sweaty-palmed desire for the next challenge. Played through on single player and co-op, one of the few games I’ve ever finished both ways because it was that engaging.

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