Crazy Day at the Beach

Had a very enlightening nite with Danielle and Michelle – and not necessarily in the ways we had intended! We headed downtown to the art museum, as the first thursday of each month is traditionally “free thursday” and no admission is charged. The current exhibit is a group of modernists, including Van Gogh, from the Kroller Muller museum in the Netherlands. Sounded pretty cool, so Michelle came up from Kent right after work, and i picked up Danielle downtown, and we headed down there! Got rock star parking right across the street from the SAM and everything!

After standing in a bit of a line (and sampling a crepe from the crepe booth while we waited) we made it inside to find that free thursday is no longer free! The staffers made it sound as if we were crazy for even asking, like how could the museum ever have been free, you weirdos? Well, i’ve been there at least 6 times when it was perfectly and completely free, new exhibits, old, all of it. Apparently (today anyway) the third floor was free but the second floor (the modernists exhibit) was discounted… but still 8 dollars (down from 15). Well, discount or no, that’s still rich for our budgets (that’s like a whole day worth of meals!) so we opted to poke around the third floor for a bit, and then wander out in search of dinner. Some interesting stuff on the third floor, but still – what a bummer!

Not finding anything in central downtown that was a) edible, b) affordable and c) open, we piled back in the truck and headed back to west seattle. Fish and chips on the beach in the summer sun sounded like a great idea – doesn’t it always? 😉

Round the corner off the bridge onto Harbor Ave and find ourselves surrounded by several cop cars and a half dozen cops on motorcyles. What on earth is going on?? West seattle is usually pretty quiet and calm, even down on the beach, even near the couple of motorcyles bars on this beach-less stretch of Harbor Ave.

Far as we could tell… nothing was going on. Other than a lot of people getting pulled over by cops. As we drove down towards Alki Beach we counted over 20 cop cars, nearly 25 cycle cops, and a half dozen cops on bicycles. Plus the obligatory SPD swat van. And the whole time, no signs of anything going on other than a whole heck of a lot of traffic stops. We watched people getting pulled over for turning left (didn’t know that was inherently illegal) and felt ourselves growing very self-conscious. One officer even yelled at me out his car window to fix my front license plate (the truck’s plate bracket is broken so it kinda hangs crooked). Good grief!

After seeing 50 cops in about 1.5 miles, we decided the beachside restaurants had just lost our business, and we made a hopefully-legal left turn and snuck up the backroads outta there! Mac and cheese at the West Five sounded less stressful! We had a nice evening anyway, and managed to enjoy each others’ company despite all being a little rattled.

We all agreed the whole thing was really creepy. Cops were pulling over everyone for doing seemingly nothing, and they were all very rude and abrupt (what else is new?). It was like a police state, like martial law had been declared and FEMA was running the city or something. I’ve always felt much more afraid of the cops than the criminals, and things like this only reinforce that feeling. I mean, criminals are just people who are desperate, crazy or greedy, but at least you have someone to call for help (the cops). When the cops abuse, mistreat or intimidate you, you have no one to help you. If you call another cop, who do you think they’re going to help? Not you! Who do you think the judge will believe? One guess! They have all the advantages – the badge, the gun, the kevlar, the shock tasers, an army of cohorts – and you end up just like Sandra Bullock in The Net, with no one who believes that the law is wrong and you are right. Creepy.

Plus, what guarantees that these people are responsible and fair enough to administer justice? (Nothing, that’s what. Probably a psychological profile graded by a computer.) What guarantees that they understand and appreciate the power they wield, and that they’re doing so for the right reasons? (Nothing! They’ve overseen by a committee that has probably never met them.)

This is the reason i don’t like venturing onto military bases, either. I’m on edge the entire time, waiting for an 18-year-old to be standing on my neck, machine gun at my temple, because i sneezed in the no-sneezing-zone. As a civilian i’m viewed as inferior and potentially dangerous – the same way the cops view the public. And frankly, the less i put myself in that sort of position (especially when the other person has a gun) the happier i am. I guess i’m just a control freak but i really don’t like giving that much control over my life to someone i don’t know if i can trust (and in fact, as history has shown, i probably can’t trust).

So i think it will be a while before i go back down to the beach. Bummer, too… i really liked it down there. 🙁

Criminal Activity

Apparently i’m 41% geek, at least according to Thudfactor’s geek quiz. That’s a lot more than Travis scored, but he is a mechanic, while i’m employed as a computer nerd. I’m also 58% evil, with a style rating of 78%, according to Jamie’s How Evil Are You quiz. Good to know, cause i’ve been wondering.

In addition to being a mostly evil geek i’m also a criminal, it seems, or at least my neighbors think i look like one. I was out in front of the house working on my car saturday (actually, pretty much all weekend) when two cop cars rolled in, one from each end of the street. An officer got out of each car, and they closed in on me, tinkering in my passenger seat with two doors, the sunroof and the trunk open, and tools spread all over the lawn. Oh, and an orange extension cord trailing across the sidewalk, up the lawn and into my bedroom window. You know, typical car theft stuff. They came up and asked me if i owned the car. “Uh, yeah.” What was i doing? “Just doing some wiring work on my stereo” (Not entirely true, but easier than explaining that i’m installing lights that aren’t street legal 😉 Did i have any proof this car was mine? Well, no. My wallet was in the house. I dug out the registration for them, tho, and rattled off my name and info, which they ran through their cop-computer. At this point, they realized i was not a crook, as i had yet to try and escape – although they still didn’t want me going into the house to get my wallet. Actually, i would think as soon as they walked up and i failed to make a violent dash outta there, it would have been pretty clear. Anyway, it seems one of my neighbors had called to report someone trying to steal a car in front of my house. Obviously, once the computer declared me innocent of that particular felony, they dismissed the call and nicely went on their way. First nice cops i’ve met, actually. So on one hand i’m comforted that the neighbors are that watchful, and that if someone truly was stealing my car (with the cunning use of my own tools and an extension cord from my bedroom) that someone would report and perhaps prevent it. On the other hand, i’m not very impressed with the neighborhood busybody’s observational skills. Unusual assortment of tools aside, i’m out there washing it once a week, or rotating the tires, or opening the hood, or loading/unloading the trunk. Maybe i’m just “another punk kid” and we all look the same? Or perhaps saturday at 3pm is the busybody shift change? Or maybe this person just starting peeping out their windows at the neighbors this week, and this was their first act as resident busybody? Whatever the case, i found it pretty funny, and i’m going to be sure and perform fun, suspicious-looking activities in the future for their benefit.

After being investigated by the local authorities, i got cleaned up and accompanied Josh out for pizza, and then to the Crocodile Cafe, to listen to Mountain Con. It was a pretty good show, despite the incredible, mind-melting heat inside the club. One of the guitarists, Eric, is Kim’s sister Erika’s boyfriend. Also, Jason Thane knows a few of the band members from high school, as they’re all from Missoula. What a random, small world.

As it’s days are numbered, we’re hitting the Cloud Room this friday nite, a preemptive last bash of sorts. Come join us. Buy me a drink… or i’ll steal your car!

Just watchin’ the news

It’s june and stuff! It’s a monday, i was having a pretty long day until i got home, but some sunshine, a few miles on skates and a car wash later, and i’m feeling much better. 🙂

Had a great friday nite out with Colleen and the med student gang – future doctors know how to party! The view from the top of Columbia Tower is pretty great, even on a cloudy day, and the drinks were free… can’t go wrong there! And Colleen’s a great dancer!

Watching ridiculous reality tv with Josh and Kim, making fun of the stupid people. America really is going down the tubes, one half hour at a time. I need to move to Europe before they stop letting Americans in. Keep catching previews of the news, apparently some protesters got beat up by the cops downtown today, and someone with road rage caused an accident that stopped freeway traffic all night. Another night in the city… 😉 I really don’t think Seattle’s police are unusually forceful – i don’t see how they could be, as closely as they’re watched. As much as they’re forced to justify their actions, i’m sure they don’t take their use of force lightly. And i’ve long thought most of the people on the road shouldn’t have a driver’s license, as there are a ton of bad drivers out there. Maybe the driver’s test is just too easy? Or maybe it should be administered while the student is holding a latte and has two screaming kids in the backseat…