So, like, happy new year and stuff. Whatever. It’s such a strange holiday, just a date on the calendar, so arbitrary. An excuse to party, i guess. Personally, i went to bed at 10 and got up at five to come to work, just like i do every friday/saturday. Big whoop. So yeah, i’m lame. I was going to go to Jason & Christie’s, but everyone was bailing on them so they called off the poker night – me and the two of them wouldn’t have been enough (and basically i could’ve just given Jason all my money and saved myself the trouble). And i didn’t have any anyway, so it’s probably for the best.

I spent the day at work today updating Danielle’s website and mine; after moving them to a new server with the webhost this week i broke pretty much everything and they were hosed. Some of my core PHP scripts that do some of the really mundane work (and that i wrote like 4 years ago and have totally forgotten the details of) no longer work thanks to evil admin settings on this new machine. After some back-and-forth with the host about how evil it is, i was left with only the rewrite-it-all-in-Perl option, so that’s what i did today and yesterday. It works better… and worse. But it works. And it was a nice Perl refresher (even if the code is really ugly).

Ok, enough boring you with nerd fodder. Let’s talk last year. It was all kinds of special, wasn’t it? Not always the hallmark kind of special, either. But there were some high points, and i think it’s healthy sometimes to focus on those. Apparently fox news thinks so, too. They compiled a nice happy little list of things that didn’t suck in 2004. Some of it i find rather difficult to believe (american kids are getting less violent? yeah right!) but it is at least refreshing to see someone spinning statistics to sound upbeat for a change, even if they’re doing a poor job of hiding the man behind the curtain.

I’m having a hard time concentrating – i spent all my focusing energy for the day writing the code i was talking about in the part you skimmed thru previously. And i’m watching Space Ghost C2C and it’s very entertaining, so i’m having a hard time thinking about, well, you all… 😉 So skip it, i’m done.