The Domino’s NOID is back?

I’m sure the commercials weren’t nearly as funny in the 80’s as we all remember them to be now – the rosy glasses of nostalgia being what they are – but if you are convinced the NOID is a classic 80’s icon that you need to rock in the 10’s (boy, does this century make for some awkward abbreviations) here is your chance. It’s officially licensed by Domino’s (so the chances of a DMCA attack squad pinning your neck down with a combat boot are minimal) and the proceeds support St Jude Children’s Hospital. Go retro for the kids!

Buy a Domino’s Pizza AVOID THE NOID! T-Shirt for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.


Everything that’s good for you should taste like candy.

Sitting down at home for a scrumptious dinner of leftover “steak lovers” pizza from dominoes, which is neither loveable nor steak (even with the 2-dollar double-steak option, now with real beef flavor!), and was the last time i’ll order something that sounds weird just because i have a coupon for it. Thankfully the chianti that i’m washing it down with has a pretty good flavor in the scope of under-seven-dollar wines. I actually opened the bottle last night, in anticipation of Danielle coming up to check out the new Sims expansion pack that showed up in the mail, plus my knee hurt from something i apparently did to it saturday – probably climbing in or out of Sean’s boat while out on the lake with him, Julia and her Russian posse, which was a great time as always. As i sat down last night to backup the old game files to a dvd (our Sims data directory is 3.4GB!) and install the game to be all ready for Danielle’s call that she was coming over, i waffled between taking eight ibupofen tablets or opening the wine, and with that new corkscrew from Mom and Dad opening the wine was waaaay faster than rummaging through my work bag for some of the good, name-brand advil with the candy coating. So i went for the wine… more fun to consume than the pills, anyway. On a side note, has anyone else noticed how Advil-brand ibuprofen has a candy coating? Where generic ones are all chalky, the real things taste, well, pretty good. Pills that taste like candy… that’s just good business sense right there.

When Danielle decided to shop for a cocktail dress instead of come over, the wine was already open and the game was all ready to play, so i poured another glass and took Sims Nightlife for a test drive. Half a bottle of chianti later, i felt less guilty about playing the game (which she purchased and had shipped to my house, where our gaming computer is, btw) without her and more upset with myself for ordering that stupid steak pizza just because it was 9.99 when some leftover pizza that could not pass for dogfood was sounding really good.

So tonight i’m reliving the same dining experience, except that the pizza (if one can call it that) is perhaps slightly less pungent a day later, only because it has excreted all of its smell directly into the plastic lining of my refridgerator where the millions of tiny stink particles will make nests, bear offspring and populate my olefactory glands for months to come with every trip into their electrically-chilled domain. I used a fork this time, though… no sense contaminating my fingers with the stuff. I have to go to work tomorrow, after all, and i’m never going to be able to ask that barista out if my hands smell like feet.

It was a fantastic sunny day, the kind that must be cherished before the great rains come and perpetually wash over the city until june sometime. I followed Clint most of the way across the city just because it was so nice to be out driving topless one last time, and took a scenic tour around West Seattle for old time’s sake (and for gas) and wandered home along the viaduct, taking extra care to make lots of noise in the Battery St tunnel before they tear it down and screw up downtown driving in unimaginably horrendous ways. We had a small meet-and-greet in mill creek today, hosting a random assortment of Nissans, Hondas, Acuras (that’s for you, Eric), a couple Subarus, some electro-hoppin’ low-slung Lincolns and a Chevy truck on hydraulics that drove out of the lot on three wheels (on purpose). I brought my camera, but didn’t even crack the velcro on the bag – i guess i’m burned out taking pictures at car events for this season, just like i’m burned out on weekly detailing for every show and have attended the last two without even washing my car. I’m down to some quick-detailer across the rear bumper where the exhaust dust collects, and a swipe through the dish on the wheels, and i’m ready to be done. Yes, i’m a slacker… but i still received several compliments on how great my paint looked today, and i just smiled and said “thank you” – both for the compliment and to those crazy germans at Klasse for such an incredible wax. Should i mention that i didn’t even buff it? Should i let on that i haven’t washed the car since practically August? Nah… let them think i have it together… i’ve got an image to maintain.