We can only make progress when we’re able to let go of old methods and embrace new ones. While self-examination is great, i find it’s much easier to identify annoying, troublesome or inefficient habits in others and target those habits for extinction. The workplace is an ideal arena in which to expose yourself to the ineffective habits of others, as you spend a large block of time trapped in a confined space together separated only by fabric-covered cardboard sheets and a layer of animal pictures and thumbtacks. Some of the practices i’d like to see swiftly abolished include:

  • Using the bathroom as a conference room.
  • Dialing on speakerphone. (should be punishable by death)
  • Forwarding emails to large groups of people tagged simply “FYI”.
  • Emailing a link to a file or webpage without checking first that the link works.
  • Printing something, to then turn around and fax it.
  • Printing something, then never picking it up off the printer.
  • Printing an entire slide presentation.
  • Printing email.
  • Opening a trouble ticket just to ask a question.

Look around at work today. What could your coworkers do better?