Ski pass picture day

Haven’t posted much cause it didn’t seem like there was much going on that was newsworthy… and i spend so much time at work surfing and reading that nothing really stands out anymore, so i don’t even have interesting links to share. How boring am i?

But then, in the last few days, all sorts of interesting stuff! So let’s just tear right into it, starting with the most recent and working backwards, because i know you like a challenge at 8am on a tuesday morning. 🙂

And speaking of that, what am i doing up so early on a day when i don’t have to work? Well, joke’s on you, cause this isn’t early for me – i *let* myself sleep in until 7 today! I usually get up at 5.30 for work, so 7 is a huge luxury… very nice. Plus i needed to be up and ready to go meet Ron for coffee this morning on the eastside – probably in an hour or so. I might have time to run up to Steph’s and get the Z before then, which would be super cause, well, it’s really fun to drive. 🙂

Another thing that’s really fun happened last nite – i bought my ski pass on the internet! (The exciting part is that i bought the pass – not that i bought it on the internet. I buy lots of stuff on the internet, which i think we all know…) It’s the first time i’ve ever had a season pass, i’m very stoked about it. I had only budgeted $200 for a midweek pass (mon-fri only), and the price goes up oct 31 so i had to get in there and buy it this week, but then i started thinking about it and splurged on the $250 one that includes sundays, too – basically, it’s anytime but 9a-4p saturday – because although it’s great that i have monday and tuesday off to ski, most of my friends aren’t going to, so if i ever want to go with someone, it might be nice to have sunday as an option, too. It should pay for itself no problem, cause a regular lift ticket is 42 bucks! So if i go six times all season, i’m totally ahead. And i’d like to go a lot more than six times! It’s just a “Big S” pass – the Summit and Snoqualmie and Alpental – but that’s perfect for me because 1) it’s cheap, 2) it’s close and 3) i have low expectations and haven’t skiied (outside of europe) since i left MSU so any hill time is good hill time!

Earlier in the day yesterday, i spent some time looking at apartments with Danielle, because i’ve told Kim and Jason that i’m moving out by the end of november. So hopefully i’ll be able to find a place i can afford with a private garage. I’m sure the Z will be very happy to hear that she’ll get to come home soon to a nice cozy garage… and the Pathfinder’s probably rather unamused that he’s going to be lugging all my junk halfway across the city and commuting further to work. But he might get a tow hitch out of the deal, so… Anyway, that’s both exciting and a lot of work. Have a lot of things to clear out before i move, too (i really need to move *less* stuff each time, not more) – if anyone’s interested in the big green couch i’ll make you a screamin’ deal. 🙂

While i was leaning back in my desk chair sunday night pondering all of this, Chad called me and we griped for awhile about corporate america and the lack of desireable candidates for public office. Always good to hear from him; hopefully we can catch up for a beer when i’m in MT in december.

Previous to that, i spent late sunday afternoon up at Steph’s installing my new short shifter in the Z and garnishing it with a fresh-out-of-the-plastic JDM red-stiched shift knob! Whole thing looks excellent and is very fun to drive. First non-maintenance money i’ve spent on the Z since april – i’m sure she’s been feeling left out seeing the Pathy’s awesome new tires and functional new cupholders. And we all know what a high-maintenance princess she is… so you can imagine what sort of attitude i’ve been dealing with. But this shiny bauble should smooth things over… 😉

I didn’t get started on that project until late in the day, because i spent the morning at Eric’s, helping him tear apart the motor in his new Pathfinder. Wait… didn’t i buy my Pathy from him in july? Yes, that’s correct. And he missed it so much he went out and bought another one just like it, only red, with a shiny new paint job and a blown head gasket. It was a great price, even considering the engine trouble, and is going to be a nice project for us for the next few weeks. We tore the top end off sunday (top end of the motor, that is… haha… that’s a funny mental picture, us tearing the top of the truck off) and found lots of icky, sticky goo under the valve covers (neat!) from the coolant intermingling with the oil (yuck!). We had to use my Pathy to tow his back out of the garage and on to the street when we were done, and we took a moment to get a picture of them together which i would post right now but my Powerbook’s all busy burning a dvd full of Space Ghost episodes so i can’t suck the pix off the digicam right now. Forthcoming, i assure you.

And that pretty much brings us back to saturday, which i spent entirely at work, playing Sims and watching Cartoon Network. And friday, which was similar, only i played flash games on and watched the news (ugh) cause Ian always insists we pretend to care about current events during business hours (as if!).

And now, ladies and jellyspoons… i’m going to head east to pick up my shiny red 300zx for some quality highway time! Heading up to Snoqualmie summit today to get my picture taken for my ski pass… yee ha!

Groggy after-lunch ramblings

Only two more days until Mom and Dad get here – and i have so much left to do! Most of it is cleaning and making room for them, as i’m pretty sure i could file a renter’s claim for damage due to hurricane Frances and no one would question it. Also, the exhaust leak on the Z needs to stop before then – so that will be my project after work on saturday. Eric is, of course, ridiculously generous with his garage and said i could come do so at his place, despite his being out of town for the weekend. Very cool.

If you’re lookin to buy me something in the under-20-dollars category (and who isn’t, really?) you should check out this nifty RX-7 stuffed toy that i think would look great perched at the head of my bed. Granted, i don’t have an RX-7 turbo, but i do think they’re pretty cool, and this little guy is a 10th-anniversary promo from Mazda and a part of rotory engine history. Plus, i couldn’t find 300zx ones – although maybe if i had this one Mom and Danielle could reverse engineer it. 😉 Anyway, i think it’s funny and would finish off the import-cars-and-ski-gear Trading-Spaces theme i’m going with. So someone should get me one. I’d get it myself, but i need an oil change for the Z more (something else i need to do sunday – list keeps getting bigger) and there’s only so much $$ to go around.

Not much else to say today. It’s the after-lunch-tired-and-sluggish time, and all i’ve really been doing this week is working, sleeping, running errands, and using too many hyphenated phrases in my weblog. Danielle and i spent a freakishly long day in the truck tuesday running errands all over the city – we actually ate two meals on the road that day. On the plus side, we figured out how the sunroof comes off my Pathfinder, which is pretty cool, and probably saved us from inevitable heat stroke as we sat on the 405 accumulating more dust than mileage. Standing on the step bars looking at the roof, i realized how much that poor thing needs a bath… kind of reminds me of the Z, which is also completely filthy. Hmm, something else i need to do on sunday. Oh, and the laundry. Sigh… no rest for the weary. But at least i’m not a resident of southern florida (14 ft waves forecast by saturday) or a Russian schoolkid today.

In local news, it looks like they might have caught the arsonist that’s been plaguing Seattle and Van for the last few months. Which would be good. On the downside, according to the article (last line) it now takes 4 hours to get to Van from here, so apparently either they’re taking into account extensive delays at the now-ridiculous border crossing, or the Juan de Fuca Plate moved and it’s now more than 140 miles drive.

Or maybe their car’s just not as fast as mine… 😉

Mac-less summer

Comin at ya from my work-provided windoze laptop this evening, so if this entry gives your computer a virus, you can blame micro$oft. My poor, poor Powerbook is spending the night at the Mac Store after it freaked out on me this week. Weird hard drive clicking noises, strange clunking… altogether unhealthy things. How ironic that i just paid off the loan on it last week. I mean, not paid off… refinanced… but still, i closed the loan. And now it doesn’t work. Ugh. A new one like mine is only $2900… if anyone wants to pick one up for me i’d love you forever.

At least i had the luck, foresight and last few minutes of uptime to back up my documents and whatnot. I have all my stuff…. on a firewire drive that i can’t access. So i can see the box where my stuff is, i just can’t see what’s in the box. Sigh. OH, and did i mention that it cost $45 just to drop it off… $90 an hour for them to look at it… and i was already buying coffee with a handful of quarters today. Seriously, the people at Starbucks thought i was very strange. I don’t think anyone’s ever given them change.

In order to try and completely forget about pretty much my entire life, i spent all evening washing both cars and enjoying the sunshine. Danielle came over to join me, and washed her car, too. Then we made dinner, supplemented by chips and nacho cheese, and watched Futurama reruns and laughed. It’s great to have a friend in town like her that’s so easy to spend time with! 🙂

Once the truck was clean, i put a few new stickers on it of my own, adding to Eric’s collection of ski and surf ones. I had a few cool ones from ski swaps and Warren Miller movies i’ve been saving. My favorite, tho, is a big black sticker that says “Trogdor” right in the middle of the ski rack’s wind deflector. Sorry, no pix – without my laptop i’m virtually helpless. And without Photoshop, well… don’t ask. And I’m not going to link you to Trogdor… you’re supposed to know who he is. 😉

My first 4WD.

Just made it home after a long – but good – day. House is empty – Kim must be at the gym, Christian out somewhere having a social life. I’m ready for a weekend for sure… although i guess i can’t think of a friday when i haven’t felt that way – after all, the best kind of workday is the one where you don’t have to. Anyway, i very tired, cause Gabe kept me up until 3.30am talking about skiing and whatnot last nite (and then had the gall to oversleep past 11am and miss a lunch date with Kim and I, whereas I set my alarm to 6am so i could catch the bus to work this morning!). Now, why was i riding the bus to work today, you ask? Well, it’s a complicated story about logistics and minimizing trips, but the gist of it is that i bought a truck and needed to drive it home from bellevue tonite. Yup yup, i’m now the very proud owner of an 88 Pathfinder (yes, a Nissan, what do you expect? i’m not gonna buy a ford or anything!!). My friend Eric needed to sell it, and it was a perfect chance for me to have a better vehicle to drive all over for work, carrying computers and whatnot, as well as all those other projects i’m always dreaming up that require carrying big stuff around. As an added bonus, it would make it home to MT for the holidays without trouble, and could probably tow the Z on a trailer in a pinch (although maybe not up a steep hill). Eric took great care of it, and has already outfitted it with a ski rack and a cd player, so there’s really not anything i need to fix or do before i can start using it like crazy. It even uses the same oil filters as both the Z and the Sentra (it has basically the same engine block as the Z, a VG30) – how lucky is that! Speaking of the Sentra, i’m selling it to Christian, as he needs something to get him to Ikea and whatnot that wouldn’t cost him much, so it was a perfect deal for him, too. So, yeah, i’m super excited to have the extra flexibility of an SUV, and even more the option to keep the Z at home safely under its cover on crummy, slippery, dreary days, or when I’m going somewhere messy (home depot, the beach, work) or sketchy (tacoma, pretty much home depot, also work). Now i just need to invest in bolt cutters so i can get into that bloody garage and the Z will have a nice place to spend those days, waiting for a sunny afternoon when it needs to be driven!

The other fun thing I did today was spent lunchtime in bellevue… now, wait, I know that sounds thrilling, but my story gets better. Kim came along with me to Sturtevants to pick out new ski boots! Since Gabe was a stand-up guy and gave me a pair of Head twin-tips he scored at a ski swap, i’m that much closer to having all the gear I need to see some powder days next season. I ended up with extra money after paying the taxes on the truck – it was less than i had budgeted for – and the Nordica boots i found were on super-sale, so i’m two steps closer to ski season! And, my new 4wd SUV will get me to the hill. Sweet!