Been awhile since i’ve written a “real” entry. The wireless thing is so easy, and i’m so lazy… well, you do the math. 😉

An interesting article on the front page of the Seattle Weekly this week, Jeff Reifman’s take on micro$oft’s past, present and future from his perspective as an 8-year insider and a recent MacOSX convert. A long scrolling read but good; i especially like his last words of summary. He motivated me to go download OpenOffice, a free open-source alternative to m$ office. So far it looks waaaay better, in as much as the full install only requires 164mb, compared to what the redmond option demands (a couple gigs, a dna sample, $100/yr for the rest of eternity, your left ear and the promise of your firstborn delivered to bill’s doorstep).

If you want to feel sad about nice things being wasted (or maybe laugh at some stupid rich people) check out There’s some pretty unpleasant Ferrari, Lambo, and even 300ZX shots. I think the Skyline ones are some of the most disturbing, considering how difficult those are to find. Also, the wrecked DeLoreans… very sad. Check out the weird/funny section, those are slightly less depressing. Anyway, that should cheer you up just in time to go get behind the wheel at lunch. Makes me drive more carefully, how about you? Although at the same time I can’t completely stifle the glee of seeing my car on a list of “exotics.” 🙂