Winter Olympics, Vancouver BC – January 2010

Danielle, Jordan and I spent a whirlwind weekend in Vancouver attending as much Olympics as we could without advanced reservations. Cassidy and Ali generously made room in their condo and we explored the city together, taking in the official Olympic facilities, the dressed-up city of Vancouver, and the millions of joyous, friendly, congenial Canadians filling the streets to support their country and welcome visitors from all over the world. We watched Canada bring home hockey gold Sunday afternoon from a packed Robson Street bar and then poured into the cheering, honking, high-fiving streets of Vancouver to celebrate their victory with the 26 million Canadians (80% of the country) who are estimated to have watched the match. It was an incredible experience being part of something as huge and international as the Winter Olympics and especially meaningful to join Vancouver in their triumphs – both as hosts and athletes – as it’s a part of the world where I’ve always felt particularly at home (and we already know I have a crush on British Columbia). Photos are below and the couple of videos I shot are on YouTube. The Olympics were a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I’m so glad we found a way to be there; even without front row tickets or an autographed jersey we felt included in something amazing, something we’ll never forget.

Gallery slideshow here.