If, like me, you’ve been forced to give up your spacious, windowed office full of natural light and productive, healthy zen for a dark yellow cave with an obstructed view of the equally dark hallway causing you to suffer not only vitamin D withdrawals during Seattle’s most seasonal-affective-disorder-prone time of year but also to pine for even the smallest glimpse of the natural, non-polystyrene world no matter how contrived or construed, then perhaps the light bulb terrarium is for you. I just replaced a 120-watt over the weekend that could have housed some mean micro-banzai trees, although I’m not sure I’d bring it to work anyway as I’m trying to minimize the personal effects in my office to reduce the logistical impact of getting laid off. Still, clever idea to re-use trash into art and I especially like the delicate balance of a thin, fragile glass bulb acting as the protective shell for my adventures in terraforming.


Turn a Lightbulb into a Mini-Terrarium via Lifehacker.