6 weeks and counting down

Got a postcard from Jason Thane today, sounds like NYC is treating him well. From the looks of the neighborhood he pointed out on the card’s aerial view of midtown Manhattan, i don’t see how it could be otherwise. 😉 I really hope i can make it out there to see him, but at this point it looks like it might not be until after the first of the year. Bummer, cause i would really love to see Manhattan all decorated for Christmas. But whenever i go, it would be great to spend some time with him again, harkening back to the excellent memories i have of him showing me around Seattle three long years ago. I guess it will depend on how much money i blow through in Germany. 😀

Speaking of that, i spent an hour and a half on the phone with Christian last nite. Thanks to John Stamos telling me about 10-10-987, it only cost me about $4 – thanx, John! Anyway, Christian’s housesitting and taking care of a german shepard named Hector, who apparently takes advantage of his old age and pitiful expression to sleep on the bed and beg for treats. I still can’t believe i’m going to be there in 6 short weeks. I’ve already been lying awake at night packing my suitcase in my head, thinking about which shoes to bring, which suitcase to pack in… yes, i’m neurotic, thanks for noticing. I’m making him some CD’s today of new music – he’s even more broke than i am, and doesn’t have a dsl line and the iTunes music store – gotta hook a brotha up. We talked about where we’re going to go in Italy, driving on the German autobahn where there’s no posted speed limit, shopping at Hennes & Maurtiz (H&M), clubbing in Munich, skiing the Austrian alps, taking a hundred million pictures…

Gotta stop daydreaming there, i’m out the door to go meet Libby for coffee, wouldn’t want to lose any quality time with my fav photographer. Catch you all l8r!


A day full of of frightening news and inspiring stories. It’s difficult to believe that the video footage is real; the Pentagon ablaze and the WTC towers gone, totally and completely gone. The residents of PA, DC and NYC are truly our nation’s heroes as they stand up for us all against this threat. We’re all here behind you, NYC, 270 million of us! Keep the faith!